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May 2010

The mid-1970’s Beatles parody band, The Rutles included a character named Stig O’Hara. This character was based on George Harrison. Is the first name , Stig, simply a British cultural reference or is this also a nod to ABBA’s manager, Stig Anderson.

John, USA 



That is something I've long wondered about too. The Rutles originated from a sketch on the comedy show Rutland Weekend Television in 1975. ABBA and particularly Stig Anderson didn't have much of a profile in the UK at that time, so I doubt that Stig O'Hara's name was inspired by him. 


We have often heard Agnetha's story of anguish & guilt at leaving her kids when going on tour. However we never hear this as part of Frida's story, yet her children were relatively young then. Did they not live with her through the ABBA years?

David, Ireland



Frida has said in interviews that she was torn between the decision to stay with her husband and young children in Eskilstuna or move to Stockholm to advance her career in the late 60s, but knew they would be better off with their father. During the ABBA times Hans and Lise Lotte were teenagers, and she worked to rebuild relationships with them. Though they lived with their father they also lived with Frida and Benny for a while.


There are several books and websites that analyse the Beatles music. Is there any book or website that analyses ABBA's music?

Alan, USA 



There is indeed a book that gives an in-depth musical analysis of ABBA's music. ABBA Let The Music Speak - an armchair guide to the musical soundscape of the Swedish supergroup by Australian musician Christopher Patrick is available here.


Is Agnetha remarried yet?




Agnetha married Swedish surgeon Tomas Sonnenfeld in 1990, but they divorced in 1993. Agnetha has not remarried again.


When does ABBAWORLD open in Melbourne and how long will it run for?

June, Australia



ABBAWORLD opens on Saturday 19 June 2010. Currently tickets are selling to 12 July. I've read in a couple of places that it will run until October, but that's not confirmed. See the official website for more information.

UPDATED 5 JUNE: tickets are now selling to 15 August 2010.


Tell us about the girl in the audience when this video was recorded - the one who became self concious when she knew she was being filmed?

Gary, New Zealand



Apparently she grew up to create the Swedish ABBA tribute band Waterloo.

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