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May 2011

I've always felt that Frida would be a spiritual person, and I was wondering if you know if she may have ever walked the 'El Camino de Santiago' pilgrim track, which goes for about 800km in northern Spain. Initially it was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages, dating back to more than a thousand years, however, spiritual people of all faiths or even no faith walk it these days, and it can be a very moving and life changing experience.

Cheers, from Tony, Australia



I'm sorry, I don't know if Frida has ever made that pilgrimage. She has spoken of her faith helping her through hard times, but has never gone into any great detail.


On the ABBA in Japan DVD there is footage of ABBA performing " As Good As New " in concert, I wondered if there was full footage of them performing the song in full as I have never been able to find any footage of them singing "As Good As New" in concert.


Helen, UK



There is probably not footage of the full song available. According to the director of the film ABBA in Concert, Urban Lasson, the only songs filmed at Wembley Arena for that programme were the ones included, so it wasn't filmed then. The footage included in the documentary ABBA - '80 Concert Tour In Japan was quite likely all that was filmed at that concert.


I have a question regarding the song 'Here we´ll stay' from Frida´s Something´s Going On CD. On your website you say that there is an alternate mix of the duet version of that song which was "Incorrectly included on the first pressings of the remastered CD Something's Going On 2005, later replaced by original version." . Now, my question is, is there any way(s) to tell these two versions, the original duet version and the alternate one apart? Please notice I´m not referring to the version with just Frida singing on it, I´m only referring to the two duet versions.

David, Sweden



The only visual indication is in the matrix number on the playing side of the disc, the numbers around the hole in the middle of the disc. The first pressing with the alternate mix has "01" after the catalogue number, the second pressing with the standard mix has "02" or higher, indicating a later pressing of the CD. Nowadays you will probably only find the second version available. 

The alternate mix features strong echo on the vocals, and no horns and backing vocals in the first chorus. It was originally released on the Polar cassette version of Something's Going On in Scandinavia, but as far as I know in no other country.

first pressing, 01 second pressing, 02


how much is the 1977 tour souvenir programme worth




I've seen both the European and Australian versions on eBay for over US$100.


I'd like to know which kind of guitars brands were used by Bjorn in concert tours? Especially about Eurovision's guitar in star's stile & his white one with big hollow from below. Were the guitars made to order for ABBA?

Vladimir, Russia



Björn's star shaped guitar was built for him by Goram Malmberg, probably the only time that Björn had a guitar especially made. The white guitar he used on ABBA's 1977 concert tour was Ovation's Breadwinner model. The guitar Benny is playing in the 'Fernando' music video is a Hoyer H2063, customised with the ABBA name on the neck and stars on the body inlaid in mother of pearl.

Bjrn's Ovation Breadwinner Benny's Hoyer H2063


I know what 'God Jul' means (ie: 'Merry Christmas'), but in the wonderful 'Super Trouper - Deluxe Edition'; from page 7's photo of ABBA's Christmas Greetings, I was wondering if you could please tell me what the 'H' means in Frida's 'God H Jul'?

Cheers, Tony, Australia



I had to ask a Swedish friend about this. It's a little joke from Frida. "God hjul" actually means "good wheel" but the H is silent, so it is pronounced the same as "god jul".

Good wheel


I have read that Björn has a blog. Where can I find it?

Terry, UK



It's not his own blog, but he blogs occasionally on the Newsmill, a Swedish news site.


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