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May 2021

Hello, I have just stumbled upon the ABBA Omnibus and I'm very glad that I did. Can I enquire about 'Fernando', the Spanish version. I've only seen it on a compilation album but can't remember which one... can you enlighten me?

Best wishes,
Gordon in Scotland. 



Thank you Gordon, and welcome. The Spanish version of 'Fernando' was originally recorded in 1980 for the Gracias Por La Música album, which had Spanish versions of ten ABBA hits and album tracks. That album was repacked as ABBA Oro - Grandes Exitos in 1993. 'Fernando' was also included on the UK-only compilation Thank You For The Music - A Collection of Love Songs, released in 1983.


In the Countdown 1977 ABBA interview ( on the eve of their tour) each member was asked the inevitable question regarding influences. I couldn't catch who Frida mentions at first. The group sounded like Tennessee Blues or Tentersee (Benny briefly repeats the name). The group were described as "romantic".
Do you happen to know who she was referring to?

Thank you very much,
, Australia



The band Frida mentions is 10cc, though it's clearer when Benny says it a couple of minutes later. For anyone who hasn't seen the interview, you can watch it here.


Did the Hootenanny Singers and the Hep Stars performed together once?

Yair, Israel



Professionally, no the two bands never performed together. Though they quite possibly jammed together at parties. There was some cross-over though, when Björn played on tour with the Hep Stars fora  few weeks in 1969.


The intro of the song «Tombé du Ciel» by well-known French singer Jacques Higelin is the same (in cheap) like the intro of «Lovers». Did he pay any royalties? I don’t think so because neither Bjorn or Benny are credited on the French record .

Sergio from Brussels 



I've not heard that song before, which as far as I can find was released in 1988 (readers can listen here). The first three seconds do certainly sound like the opening of "Lovers (Live A Little Longer)", but as it continues it reminds me of some other song that I can't quite place. It's likely that Björn and Benny aren't aware of this. From what I've read in recent years about music plagarism cases, generally it's the melody of the song is protected by copyright but other elements, like backing music or instrumental riffs, aren't unless they're an essential element of a song.


What was the last songs that Benny and Bjorn composed to Agnetha and Frida?

Yair, Israel.



The only song that Benny and Björn wrote specifically for Frida after 1982 was 'Slowly', on her 1984 album Shine. They have not written any songs from Agnetha since the ABBA years, but she did record vocals for their demo recording 'Every Good Man' in January 1983, which became 'Heaven Help My Heart' in the musical Chess in 1984.


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