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November 2008

On your page about the song "I am the City" you write "Later remastered to correct fault and at correct speed.". What was the fault that was corrected and why was it needed to correct the speed ? I have the Complete Recording Sessions Boxset, the blue box. Does this mean that the version of I am the city on the Rarities disc in that set is somehow "incorrect" so to speak ?

I´ve looked on several Abba websites to find anything about this but I´ve found nothing.

Dave, Abba-fan from Sweden



On all CDs up to and including The Complete Studio Recordings, I Am The City ran just a fraction too slow. There was also a fault that sounded like a tape crinkle underneath the line "everyday I hear a lot of tired, shuffling feet" in the third verse. Both of these have been corrected on the 2008 re-issue More ABBA Gold. Why it took so long to fix the error I don't know.


How tall are the girls?




According to their official biographies, they are both 1.72 metres (around 5 feet 8 inches).


I attended the Australian concert in Sydney back in the 70's. I still have my ticket which has been autographed by the 4 members and is in mint condition. Is this a valuable item?

Linda, Australia



All the concert tickets had the ABBA members' autographs printed on the back. If that's where the autographs are, then it's not particularly valuable from an autograph perspective.

The ticket itself could be worth a bit to a collector, but how much I couldn't begin to guess. It's not the sort of item I've seen on the market very much.


I am looking for piano sheet music for The Way Old Friends Do and Happy New Year. Any suggestions. I have found The Way Old Friends Do in a couple of books but Happy New Year only in a book with guitar chords which is no good.

Linda Harker, UK



I'm afraid I don't know. I searched around several sheet music websites, but the only books I could find that contain Happy New Year and The Way Old Friends Do have guitar chords only. Most of the piano books available have the big hits only, with the songs from ABBA Gold or the Mamma Mia! musical.

There was a folio for the complete Super Trouper album released in 1980, but sadly that's no longer available.


Since 'The Last Video' came out in 2004, I have always been interested about Cher's cameo. I assume she likes ABBA music, but do you know how her appearance came about?

Tony Rogers, Australia



Apparently that came about simply because Björn thought it would be "fun to have a few 'extras'", which is why Cher and the Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie appear.

For more information about The Last Video see the In Focus feature at ABBA - The Site.


Where I can read the word of "Mamma Mia" song?

Giovanni Epifano



You can find the lyrics to all ABBA songs at ABBA - The Site.


I want an autograph of Agnetha Fältskog. Can you give me an address or write in Sweden?

P. Léautey, France

I would love to know the address of Frida and Agnetha, mostly of Agnetha. I'm gonna send them letters, and I wish an autograph! Do you know if the both answer? I know that Agnetha sends an autograph, but Frida I don't know!




You could try any of the addresses listed on the FAQ page. I can't guarantee that you will get a response, or how long a response may take.


My boyfriend loves Abba and has a special love for Agnetha. He is a big fans of them... he has a lot of stuff and is always speaking about the music of Abba... to everybody.

I would like to give him a big present...  a pic signed from Agnetha and I don't know if it is possible. I find myself Agnetha websites, but I don't know is these ones are official, or if it is fans site, I don't know.

How can I get a pic signed or dedicated for my boyfriend from Agnetha??

Hector, Santiago, Chile



Hector, you could try one of the the addresses on the FAQ page. I know that in the past people have had success with getting an autograph from Agnetha this way, but it often takes many months for a reply. Good luck!


Do you know the date of divorce of Björn and Agnetha?

Ivan, Czech Republic



Björn and Agnetha separated at Christmas 1978. The separation was announced in mid-January 1979, and the divorce was finalised on 2 July 1980.


Could I please have a complete list of titles of the Abba Songs.

Sylvia Walker, UK



You can find every single ABBA song recorded or performed, including working titles and unreleased songs, in the Songs section of this site.

You can find every ABBA song released in the Music section of ABBA - The Site.


Will ABBA ever be reunited for a concert of a Lifetime for those who don't know them?




It seems highly unlikely. The four have been offered huge sums of money (including an alleged offer of $1 billion in 2000) to reunite for concerts or new recordings, and have refused all offers.


What will be next ABBA blu-ray release after ABBA the Movie?

Kari, Finland



I'm not aware of any plans to release any other ABBA DVDs on Blu-ray Disc at this time. Perhaps in the future if the format takes off other titles may be released.


I heard a version of "Arrival" on the radio either in the late eighties or early nineties, that had Bjorn singing on what was clearly a version of the song "Arrival", but this time with words. I think that the first words of the song were "Run, Run", or it could have been "Time, Time". I heard it just that one time many years ago, and have never seen even a reference to it since then.

Can you help clear up this mystery? I would be so grateful!




This song was titled 'Time'. It was included in the 1983 stage show ABBAcadabra - A Musical Adventure, which featured ABBA songs with new lyrics.

The song 'Time' was released as a single by Frida and Scottish singer B.A Robertson. The lyrics were written by British songwriters Don Black and Mike Batt. The show ran for a brief run in London for Christmas 1983.

Originally the show was a French television production, which also featured Frida singing 'Arrival', in French entitled 'Belle' and sung with French singer Daniel Balavoine.

You can read more about ABBAcadabra (in French) at this site.


I want know what the last ABBA single Under Attack is about. Is it about a woman afraid of being assaulted or molested by a man who is obsessed with her?

Oliver Cavitt


I don't think it's about a woman fearing assault. To me it appears to be a woman singing about a persistent lover and the narrator's indecision whether to resist or accept his advances.


Do any of the ‘ABBA’ members have a myspace, msn, bebo etc.?

Casey, Australia


As far as I know, no. There are many MySpace profiles that appear to be ABBA members own profiles, but they're not.


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