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November 2010

In Stockholm 82', you sing 'I have a dream' with children: it's beautiful time of peace and joy. Bjorn plays with a 12 strings guitar. What's this model and trade?

Thanks. JM, France



I'm afraid I don't know. If anyone reading this does know please write to


I was just wondering how many times the Australian ABBA Bandstand special was repeated? I saw the first broadcast, but I'm sure it was repeated at least one or two more times in 1976, but I missed seeing the repeats. (I had a look at the 'ABBA on TV' website, and it didn't mention repeats).

‘Bathing’ in a wonderful sea of ABBA TV specials that year, I was too young, silly and smug to have thought that I should have made an effort to see the repeat/s or I’d never see the show again (apart from the YouTube snippets we can see these days ;o)

Let’s hope that Universal release ‘ABBA in Australia’ one day, and include you-know-what ;o)

Cheers and thanks, Tony.



It depends on what part of Australia you were in. TV wasn't as networked as it is today, so some cities' stations broadcast it at different times. I know it was repeated in Sydney on 31 March 1976, in Melbourne on 24 April and 29 September, 23 May in Brisbane. I know there were other repeats but I haven't been able to track down dates. I watched at least two repeats myself in Canberra, but don't know the dates. There was also a half-hour edited version, missing a few songs and guest star Lucky Starr.

It would be great to see an ABBA in Australia DVD released, along the lines of last year's ABBA in Japan. Apparently Channel 9 can't track down the master copy of the program in their archves.


I was not yet old enough to know the original of Agnetha's songs from her first 5 LP's, can you help,
f.i. :Slutet Gott Allting Gott
Fram för svenska sommaren
Hjärtats kronprins
Tänk va' skönt
Du ska minnas mig
So who recorded these songs first that became favorite songs of Agnetha, that inspired her to make a Swedish version.

Kind regards, Adriaan, The Netherlands 



'Sluttet gott allting gott' (All's Well That Ends Well) was written by Ben Wilson and Judy Lynn, with Swedish lyric by future ABBA manager Stog Anderson.
''Fram för svenska sommaren' (Before The Swedish Summer))was written by Jack E. Lit, Lou Herscher and Ruth Grahm, with Swedish lyric by Karl-Gerhard Lundkvist (aka Little Gerhard, former Swedish pop star and producer of Agnetha's early albums).
'Hjärtats kronprins' (Prince Of The Heart) was written by Heinz Meyer and Fred Weyrich with Swedish lyrics by Stig Anderson.
''Tänk va' skönt' (Imagine How Nice) was written by Val Avon, with Swedish lyrics by Agnetha.
''Du ska minnas mig' (You will remember me) was written by A. Hamilton and S. Worth, also with Swedish lyrics by Agnetha.
I'm afraid I haven't been able to track down who originally performed these songs. The songs may not have been chosen by Agnetha herself, but by her producer Karl-Gerhard Lundqvist or her boyfriend Dieter Zimmerman, who strongly controlled her early career.


Do you know where the video for The Day Before You Came was filmed? Particularly the train station and the bridge?




The bridge is Årstabron, in the west of Stockholm. The train station is at Tumba, on the southern outskirts of Stockholm. See ABBA on TV for more information.


I heard a rumor about Frida filing for bankruptcy on a company that was co-owned by a Oriental. Is their any truth to this ?

Lew, U.S.A



Frida had filed a bankruptcy order against Swedish Medical Qiqong Investment AB, which operates the Yangtorp Qigong Resort near Hörby in Sweden. She had made what she says was a loan of 46 million kronor, while Master Marcus Bongart,  the founder of the company, says that the donation was a gift. This week the court at Malmö rejected Frida's application. See this story on The Local website for more details.


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