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November 2011

I often thought 'Lay All Your Love On Me' would have fared a better chart position (in the UK at least) if it was released as a standard 7" single, considering it was never extended or remixed specifically for a 12" release. People must have thought at the time it was a bit of a rip off charging 12" prices for something that lasted 4 and a half minutes. Not even an extra B side either. I notice it wasn't just the Epic in the UK that released it as a 12", France, Germany Portugal all did the same, so who's idea was it, if it was considered an unofficial single from the group? I thought it was an idea by Epic to begin with, but maybe not.

Simon, UK



I'm not sure which record company came up with the idea to release 'Lay All Your Love On Me' as a 12-inch only single. I imagine it was probably Epic in the UK, and the other European record companies followed suit. ABBA and Polar Music planned no further singles from Super Trouper after releasing the title track. It was however the biggest selling and highest charting 12-inch only single in the UK (until New Order's Blue Monday in 1983), so that's an achievment.


I'm a huge ABBA fan from the US since 1974. I have been wondering why Benny and Bjorn are never listed on Forbes's lists. I'm sure because of Mamma Mia and all that in entails they should be close to billionaires.

Phil, NJ USA



Benny and Björn don't have large personal fortunes. Their income goes through various companies. Sweden's tax office reports annually on the fortunes of Sweden's wealthiest citizens - Benny and Björn always feature, but their personal incomes are quite small.


It's been a while since the wonderful 'ABBA in Japan' was released, so I was wondering if there is any news burbling in the background as to whether Universal may release this as a series (eg: 'ABBA in West Germany', 'ABBA in Australia', etc)?

Cheers for now,
Tony, Australia



I'm not sure if we'll ever get any more stand-alone ABBA DVD releases, as much as we fans would love them. Along with reports that CD sales are dropping, music DVD sales are almost non-existent.


Can you please provide backing vocal lyrics in the end of "The winner takes it all"?

Thank you
Paola, Italy



Most of the backing lyrics are echoes of the previous line of the chorus (e.g. throw a dice/cold as ice/way down here/someone dear). The only different part is at the end, after Agnetha's final repeat of the title, when the lyrics are "so the winner/takes it all/and the loser/has to fall".


I've read that Agnetha created some controversy in Sweden's Roma community when she recorded Zigenarvan in the late 1960s. Serbian director Dusan Makavejev released a movie in the early 1980s called Montenegro, which was about a blonde, married woman with two children who lived on Lidingo and who fell in with a band of Roma. The woman eventually had an affair with one of the men (Montenegro), and subsequently killed him, then in a fit of insanity, poisoned her entire family as well. The film even featured a couple of ABBA songs. Was there ever any mention that this movie could be considered revenge against Agnetha for recording Zigenarvan? The parallels between the actions of Marilyn Jordan (the blonde woman, also the main character) in the movie with some of the negative perceptions of Agnetha around that time are uncanny.

Randy, USA



Apparently there was controversy that Agnetha's song 'Zigenarvän' was seen as cashing in on what was then a controversial issue in Sweden, due to media stories about the Roma community. I'm not familiar with the movie Montenegro, but the Internet Movie Database states that the movie is based on a true story.


Will The Visitors Deluxe Edition be released? And what about the others?

Roberto, Spain 



There's no news yet, and I haven't heard any whispers. The fan community is expecting such a release next year and has been talking about it for months. Carl Magnus Palm writes on his website that he would eventually like to see Deluxe Editions of all of ABBA's albums released, but the final decision for any future releases is with Universal Music Sweden.


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