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November 2012

I am a huge fan and archivator of the Hungarian Singer Zsuzsa Koncz, and I saw that she performed on the same Ein Kessel Buntes Show as ABBA did. May I ask for a copy of that show on DVD? That would be unbelievable to see my two favourties Zsuzsa and ABBA in the same show!

Thanks a lot,
Tamas, Hungary



I'm afraid I can't help you there. The show hasn't been commercially released, and I don't have it myself. You may find clips on YouTube.


I am not sure if anyone was aware of this but 8th November 2012 marked 30 years since The Singles: The First Ten Years was released it is a fabulous album and I was just wondering if Universal have considered re-releasing it with 'Cassandra', 'I Am The City', 'Just Like That' & 'You Owe Me One' as bonus tracks and possibly with a DVD in the style of a Deluxe Edition.
Also I was a little bit disappointed that Universal didn't release a 20th Anniversary Edition of ABBA Gold do you know if there are plans to release it.
I am looking forward to the ABBA Deluxe Edition it is so nice that it is getting the same treatment as the other albums hope we will get Deluxe Editions of 'Ring Ring' & 'Waterloo',
I have looked everywhere one several websites for Gracias Por La Musica on CD and I have had no luck finding it do anywhere I could get it as I have ABBA Oro but I really want Gracias Por La Musica.
I have the 3 disc version of The Essential Collection and its fabulous Disc 2 was the only downside to it as it lacked Cassandra & You Owe Me One which would have fitted nicely on to the set.
I have heard rumours that the 9th album would have been called 'Under Attack' do you know whether or not this is true.

many thanks
Adam, United Kingdom 



I doubt that there are any plans to re-release ABBA - The Singles. Newer compilations The Definitive Collection (released 2001) and The Essential Collection (released in May this year) are basically expanded versions of The Singles.
ABBA Gold was last re-released in 2010. This year we got the new compliation The Essential Collection, and another re-release of ABBA Gold at around the same time would have muddled the market - and outraged ABBA fans everywhere!
There's no news yet whether there will be Deluxe Editions of Ring Ring and Waterloo, though the Waterloo 30th Anniversary Edition in 2004 was a Deluxe Edition in all but name.
Gracias Por La Música was released on CD in Japan in 1986 and in Argentina (with a new cover) in 1993. It's essentially been replaced by ABBA Oro. Second hand copies occasionally appear for sale, but are generally quite expensive as they are very rare.
The Essential Collection is basically ABBA's Polar singles, some other international singles, and songs that have film clips. B sides don't fit into that concept, unless they have a film clip.
There is no truth in the rumour that ABBA's 9th album would have been called Under Attack. The planned album had already been ditched by the time Under Attack was recorded. Album titles generally came along when the album was completed.


One of my friends recently went to a funeral of a close friend whereby several ABBA songs were played . My friend is now trying to find the last one which was stated on the handout as “Ive got rhythm”. I have searched for an ABBA song titled this but haven’t had any luck. I don’t suppose you know which one it is or whether it was maybe the lyrics ?

Thanking you in advance
Jolene, UK 



There's no ABBA song with that lyric. There are probably dozens of songs with the words "I've got rhythm" - Madonna's More is one that's now stuck in my head.


Can u tell me if the ABBA buttons box written in red (black background) with 2 ABBA pictures in round circles (one from the Knowing Me, Knowing You window picture & one from the Dancing Queen single white hats ) showcasing a range of ABBA buttons was from the UK or Australia...there is one in ABBA The Movie but we dont see it...I once knew someone from the UK who had it, so I'm unsure... Is there anyone out there who has a scan of it that I can have as its a high priority in my want lists... scan would very much be appreciated!!

Many thanks}



That badge display box is from the UK. Here is a ad from the ABBA Magazine in 1978 showing the box.

ABBA Buttons


Over the years, we’ve all seen images of hand-written lyrics (by Björn, I would guess) on cover-note backgrounds on re-releases, and so on. However, I love linguistics, and I was wondering if there are any images that can be seen where any of the lyrics may have been written with Swedish phonetics to help them pronounce English words? Also, do you know what may have happened to Benny & Björn’s music-writing hut since the property was sold?

Tony, Australia 



There are a couple of lyric sheets reproduced in Carl Magnus Palm's book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions that have notes and scribbles on them, mostly changed words or words to be emphasised, though a couple do seem to be showing pronunciation.


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