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October 2009

I was wondering if you would know how or where I can buy a copy of the movie that Agnetha was in called Raskenstam. I know it was released on VHS but I also heard it was later released on DVD?

Trudy  Queensland



As far as I know Raskenstam has never been released on DVD, and the VHS tape, which was not subtitled, is long out of print. I just did a quick search of several Swedish webstores and found nothing.


Is there any news on whether Carl Magnus-Palm will be working with Universal/Polar to release a deluxe version of Voulez-Vous to commemorate is 30th birthday. It's getting late in the year now, I know, but I'm puzzled as to why this has not happened?  There's still nothing mentioned on his website. Do you also know if there will be plans to complete the "Deluxe" series with Super Trouper & The Visitors? It seems a shame not to.

Simon, UK




It appears for now that the Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition is on hold. That doesn't mean that it won't be released sometime, just not in 2009. Aside from the Waterloo 30th Anniversary Edition in 2004, none of the other Deluxe Edition sets have been planned to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the original album, though the releases of Arrival and ABBA - The Album in Deluxe format did happen to coincide with their respective anniversary years. I'm sure that we will get Deluxe Editions of other albums in the future. I wrote more about this on the ABBA World blog a couple of months ago.


Hi my name is Frank from the United States of America I love your music all great performers. Do you have a fan club to join? P.S. How much is your fan club to join?

Frank, USA 



The Official International ABBA Fan Club accepts members from all over the world. See the fan club website for details about joining.


I'm really not 100% sure that this song is ABBA's, I've seen it on TV since a very long time as a short video live song, which was really full of life and beauty, same as ABBA's style. The lyrics I remember are "Hi Ho............. Captain.......... Captain.............. Bye Bye". Also here is a link of its exact melody : I'm getting disappointed every day failing to get its details, so would you please help me finding its title whether it is really an ABBA's song, or even it is by another artist ?




It's not an ABBA song. I'm not familiar with this melody, so I can't say what it might be.


I was wondering if you knew of ABBA performing "Angeleyes" anywhere in the world on TV.

Rob, UK



"Angeleyes" is the one song from Voulez-Vous that was never performed on television nor on stage.


Do you have an Email Newsletter?

Alex, USA 



ABBA World does have an email newsletter with periodic news about the website or important ABBA news. If you're looking for an ABBA newsletter the official ABBA site has one, but has never actually sent out any news.


We are two colleagues and we would like to know the dates when Abba performed in Vejle, as far as we know it is in 1975.

Venlig hilsen / Best regards,
Peter, Denmark



As far as I know the only concerts ABBA ever performed in Denmark were in Copenhagen in November 1974, January 1975, January/February 1977 and October 1979. See the Stage section for more details of ABBA's various tours.



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