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October 2012

Could you please help me with any information about the new Hjälp sökes (Help wanted) musical; the one that has music written by Benny and is premiering in Stockholm early next year? I know a little bit about it, in that it’s to do with two farming brothers who get offered help from a mother, daughter and a goat.
Due to that context, and the logo that’s been designed, I’m assuming that it could be a quirky comedy; but I was wondering if you know if it is or not? Also, I was wondering if there will be an album available, and if you know of any other details?

Tony, Australia



It does appear that Hjälp sökes might be a quirky comedy. Check out icethesite for all the information about the new musical. There is no news yet of the music being released.


The website Oriental Abbaland mentions a Japanese coverversion of 'She's My Kind of Girl' by the group Love Story, in 1972. I don't find any extra information on the internet. Do you know the Japanese title? Or how the single-cover looked like? Or any extra information , not mentioned on the above website ?

Thanks for answering,
Lutgart, Belgium



I'm sorry to say I'd never heard of that cover version until your question. Unfortunately the cover image seems to have been removed from the Oriental ABBAland website. I can't find anything else about it anywhere except for that website - if anyone out there has more information please write to


The other day when I was listening to ABBA’s Ring Ring album, while Agnetha & Björn’s ‘Disillusion’ was being played, a question popped into my mind after all these years. I know that Frida basically didn’t write music (until her Shine album, with ‘Don’t Do It’, ‘That’s Tough’ and the unreleased ‘I Don't Wanna Be Alone’?), but as Benny & Björn always tended to share the singing between Frida and Agnetha, do you know if they also ever invited Frida to write or co-write any lyrics for any of the songs that would have been on an ABBA album?

Tony, Australia



It seems that Frida had no songwriting ambitions until the 80s. Apparently Phil Collins encouraged Frida to try writing songs when they were recording her album Something's Going On in 1982, though none of her songs surfaced until 1984.


I just enjoyed my latest viewing of 'Head Over Heels', and after all these years, I think I've woken up to something. At 1min-15secs, on ABBA's official YouTube clip Frida bumps into someone. Is that someone Lasse Hallström (doing an Alfred Hitchcock style cameo)?

Tony, Australia



It is indeed director Lasse Hallström, making his second Hitchcockian cameo is an ABBA clip. The first was in ABBA - The Movie, during the scene when the two priests are saying that "ABBA is in The Bible" - Lasse is sitting behind them.


I have two questions.
One I heard that ABBA may have a reunion no tour
Is Agnetha going to release a new album?

Thank you
Lewis, USA



No, ABBA are not reuniting, despite constant rumours in the world's media.
Agnetha is indeed recording new songs with Swedish songwriter/producer Jörgen Elofsson, though there is no news yet when an album will be released.


How long did it take to make the 'Bang-A-Boomerang' video clip?
Where was The clip 'Bang-A-Boomerang' made?

Yvonne, New Zealand



It probably took just a few hours to film 'Bang-A-Boomerang'. ABBA madefour promotional clips for songs from the ABBA album over the course of two days in April 1975. 'Bang-A-Boomerang' was filmed on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.


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