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October 2013

Did Tomas Ledin sing backing vocals in any of ABBA studio recordings?

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The only voices you will hear on ABBA's recordings are the four ABBA members themselves, with the exception of 'I Have A Dream', which features the International School of Stockholm Choir. The backing vocals you hear on ABBA songs are the result of many, many overdubs.


Have you any Info of the Book -Abba Thanky you for the music, Publisher Park Lane Books Oct / Nov.UK ?

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I don't know much about this forthcoming book. The publsher's own website describes it as one of a series of books: "A range of superbly illustrated Books packaged in a high-quality gift folder with 6 free 10 x 8 prints. Each book has 64-pages and tells the story of each subject through words and pictures in a unique and lively visual history." There is no author listed. It is now due out on 7 November 2013.


How many Records sold Agnetha and Frida solo?

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Not as many as you'd think. Most solo albums have had their biggest sales success in Sweden, with the post-ABBA albums selling between 100,000-300,000 copies. Information about worldwide sales is patchy at best - for example, there are claims that Agnetha's Wrap Your Arms Around Me sold 2 million wordwide, but Agnetha's own book claims 1.2 million copies sold.


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