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September 2009

I have just recently watched the complete movie "Seduction of Inga" (with soundtrack written by Björn & Benny). Besides "Inga Theme", "She's my kind of girl", "Nånting är på väg" (instrumental), "Barnen sover" (Peter Himmelstrand) and "Vem kan segla förutan vind", there appear two instrumental "rocky" tracks (e. g. in the scenes shot in the dancing bar) - one with a "boogie-like" guitar, the other one with lots of drums in it ...I could nowhere explore what these titles are called, who is playing them, and who has written them. Do you have any information about them?

Richard, Germany



"Additional Music" in the film is credited to Peter Himmelstrand and Sven-Olaf Walldoff. To me those two pieces of music don't like Benny and Björn compositions, though in those days they were very versatile. There is no resemblance to any known Benny and Björn songs.

A soundtrack LP was released but it's very hard to come by. I've heard of its existence but never heard nor seen it.


In ABBA - The Movie, I know that some of the 'Sydney' scenes were actually taken in Stockholm. However, I had recently heard that one scene was shot in the old Grace Bros department store in Chatswood (on Sydney's North Shore, which is now Myer, and looks very different now to what it looked like in 1977). Apparently, it's the scene where a saleswoman approaches Ashley. Do you know if it is true? I hope my question doesn't sound daft, tragic, desperate and/or daggy ;-) but I would love to know, as I used to work there in the early 1980s.

Cheers, Tony, Australia



I too have heard that the scene where Ashley is buying ABBA merchandise - t-shirts and the heart-shaped pillow - was filmed at Grace Bros. Chatswood. I've got no reason to think that it's not true. I know that some filming was done around the North Shore - Ashley driving around, when he's on the phone in his hotel (which I suspect might be the Grundy offices in North Sydney, I know for sure another scene was filmed in the foyer of that building), even the iconic car was sourced from an upper North Shore dealership.


Been googling hard for the notes to "Move On". Any idea where to find them? The lyrics are everywhere but not the notes. Have even asked Benny in person but he replies that he doesn´t play by notes.

Regards j:son, Sweden



There are a few websites with guitar tabs but none I've ever come across with notes (see Links section under Music & video). A couple of music folios in the 1970s and 80s included 'Move On', including one for ABBA - The Album. has a range of ABBA music folios available, but none that I can find include 'Move On'.


Whilst watching the Recollection Interview on ABBA The Move (with Lasse, Benny & Bjorn), there was a tantalizing snippet of video for "Take A Chance On Me". It depicted Benny & Bjorn prancing cheekily amongst the billboard cutouts for the album cover singing the "Take a chance, take a chance" vocal underlay with the girls in front. Apparently it was part of some TV special to promote ABBA The Album. But I can't find any record of such a video. Can you please help to verify its existence? It would be so fun to watch!

Rgds, Roy



It wasn't part of a TV special but rather it was for a UK-made television commercial for ABBA - The Album. The full commercial, which also featured 'The Name Of The Game' and 'Thank You For The Music' in the same setting, is available on the ABBA - The Movie Special Limited Edition 2 DVD set (released 2005) and ABBA - The Album Deluxe Edition (2007).


Hi there, I am trying to find some information about the ABBA Annuals that were printed from 1978 - 1983. All 6 were printed as Annuals but the first two were also printed as Gift Books. Can you give me any details as to why this happened and how rare any of them may be? Or if you are unable to help do you know of anybody I could contact?

Thanks heaps from De in New Zealand.



The two ABBA Gift Books (the 1978 and 1979 Annuals) were produced for markets outside the UK. I remember they were available in Australia, but the later Annuals were not. They are less common than the Annuals, and I've rarely seen them on the second hand market. How many there were or how rare they might be today I really couldn't say.


Is Frida in the process of writing her autobiography? If not are there any books written in English about her life (apart from her chapter in Brightlights..)?

Thank you, Dave, Ireland



No, I don' think Frida is writing her autobiography. She has made comments in a couple of recent interviews that "you'll have to wait for our autobiographies" for answers to specifically personal question, but I think this is a joking deflection of the question. All four ABBA members are notoriously private people and refuse to cooperate with any biographical projects.


Is the "The Albums" box set an other new remaster, from 2008? Or is it exactly the "The Complete Studio Recordings" box set remastered in 2005?

Alexandre, Brazil.



The remastering is the same as The Complete Studio Recordings box set and other remasters released since then, such as the Deluxe Editions of Arrival and ABBA - The Album.


Do you think ABBA's chart success waned from 1980 onwards due to most of their singles reflecting too much on heartbreak? When "Winner" came out it was a concept, so it seems, about exploiting Bjorn's & Agnetha's divorce musically, in my view, and so subsequent releases which focused on relationship traumas might have started to bore people? One Of Us, Head Over Heels, TDBYC and Under Attack all contained elements of remorse and sadness. None of these songs were particularly happy stories about relationships. Victims not only of their respective relationships with each other, but also of their success? Food for thought?

Simon, UK



A thought provoking question, Simon. I think that is likely a contributing factor. Almost all the "hits" focused on the down side of relationships. As well ABBA's songs had lost the sense of joy that they had - even heartbreak classics like 'SOS' and 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' were musically joyous.


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