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September 2010

There are still many who fall in love with Abba's members? There are statistics about letters that Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Frida are still receiving nowadays? Which one of the four receive more letters?

Rob, Italy



I don't know how many letters the ABBA members receive, but I imagine they still get a lot. I imagine that Agnetha gets the most letters, as she seems to be the most popular member.


Do you know what the idea/inspiration was behind the film-clip of Frida's 'I Min Blommiga Blå Krinolin' (In My Flowered Blue Crinoline), where she's dressed prettily in a sort-of 1800s styling, while she walks on a landing-strip in an deserted airfield? I know it was from a TV show, but the combination of the fashions with where it was filmed has always kept me wondering.

Cheers, Tony, Australia



It was filmed for the series När stenkakan slog, broadcast in October and November 1970. The series featured popular singers performing songs written between 1915 and 1955. I guess the juxtaposition of Frida in the old-fashioned dress on a modern airport runway fitted in what that "old and new" theme. See ABBA on TV for more about the programme.


I was wondering did ABBA ever perform 'One Of Us' on TV and if so is the footage available to watch online?

Many Thanks
Helen UK



No, they did not. ABBA did very little television promotion for The Visitors album, just a few interviews.


Is there any news rumours on deluxe editions for the Super Trouper and The Visitors albums?

Harry UK



No definite news as yet. With the 30th anniversary of Super Trouper looming and no announcement, and several other forthcoming ABBA releases, I suspect that we won't be seeing a Super Trouper Deluxe Edition before the end of this year. Carl Magnus Palm writes About the Deluxe Editions on his website.


One of the nicest songs they made never really got a lot of recognition. I play the keyboard and piano and have many ABBA tunes that I play. I cannot find sheet music for 'Andante Andante' any suggestions?




It was included in the Super Trouper music folio in 1980, but has rarely appeared in other folios. It appears to be available from Music Room - search for andante andante abba.


Is there anywhere one could directly communicate with Michael B. Tretow, please? I have many questions I would like to ask him about the extraordinary production of three perfect tracks: The Visitors, Should I Laugh or Cry, and When All is Said and Done. (I realise he probably wouldn’t care to answer such questions, and forgive the impertinence, but in the absence of any other way of contacting him, I thought this had to be worth a try!)

Thank you very much



All I can suggest is to try the same addresses to contact the ABBA members on the FAQ page.


I'm looking for a pictures where we can see Frida wearing a local football team jersey. This pictures where taken in Paris concert ( Pavillon de Paris ) on 23 October 1979. Do you know where I can find this pictures on the web on in a book or magazine ?

Isabelle, France



I'm not aware of where you might find the particular photos you are looking for. You could try the wonderful website Maggot's ABBA Gallery or the new ABBA Gallery, both of which have thousands of ABBA photos.


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