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September 2011

 Do you have any knowledge of origins of this picture (photographer,
magazine)? We would like to use it in a tv-programme.
The picture was published on promoting Abba exhibitionin London 27.1.2010.

Eila Haikarainen
Picture Reseacher
YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company
Helsinki, Finland 



The photo is by German photographer Wolfgang "Bubi" Heilemann, who did many iconic photo sessions with ABBA between 1974 and 1980. See his website for information.


For some reason I never thought about this till now. Why is that Agnetha added the "h" to her name? Supposedly, her first name was originally Agneta, but somehow it changed?

John, USA



I really don't know why she added the "h", and I wish she hadn't - English speakers might have had a chance of pronouncing her name something close to correctly, instead of the ugly-sounding "Ag-nee-tha" (rhymes with Aretha).

There is a theory that she added the "h" when she joined Bengt Enghardt's Orkester, whose previous singer was also named Agneta. However that singer did not have the "h" in her name, Agnetha had already added the "h" to her name by then.


Did ABBA do a concert on October 29th in Vienna in 1979?. The reason I ask is because I've been receiving emails from a person I don't know from The Netherlands saying they have lots of ABBA CDs and DVDs for sale. And I just received another email from the same person telling me they have a double CD for sale called ABBA LIVE IN VIENNA 1979. But I don't think I have ever heard of ABBA performing concerts in Vienna.

Kind regards
Carissa, Australia. 



ABBA did indeed perform at the Stadthalle in Vienna on October 29 1979. I would be a little cautious though - I don't recall that I've ever heard of a bootleg tape of that particular concert (not that that means it doesn't exist, it just means I've never heard of it), and it's not uncommon these days for people to say they have a tape of one particular concert, but it turns out to be another one that everyone already has, mislabelled.


I was looking at your site and was wondering if you know at all if ABBA made any DBD for The Visitors album? I have a huge ABBA DVD collection and was wondering.
Also, can you please tell me about this from your site - The Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD/DVD is out now and delighting fans, particularly with the previously unreleased performances on the DVD,??? I only have a J & B Hifi here in Bunbury (WA) and haven't seen that.

Thank you,
Georgie Australia



ABBA have never released an official DVD for The Visitors period. They didn't do very much television around the release of that album, just a couple of interviews. There is an unauthorised DVD available entitled Rock Milestones - ABBA's The Visitors - The Essential Albums Of All Time. It features footage mostly from the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV special from early 1981 and a few other TV performances. However the video quality looks like it's taken from someone's VHS tape recorded off TV in 1981, often songs are incomplete, the picture doesn't fill the screen, or an interview subject talks over the song.

The Super Trouper Deluxe Edition should be available at your local JB Hifi. If they don't have it in stock you should be able to order it through the store or online.


Do you know when the ABBA fan club day in Roosendaal is next year? I need to make my travel plans.

Heinrich, Germany 



The International ABBA Day will be held on Saturday April 21 2012. See the fan club's website later in the year for more information (the website has not yet been updated with next year's information).


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