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September 2012

Arrival (the group) had permission from Björn & Benny to record the unreleased 'Just A Notion'. However a few years later they recorded another NEW and 2nd version of the same song. Do you know if this version was ever released by the group? I heard some fans seem to have it, but I don't know how or where to get it. Maybe you know?




Arrival's website says that the re-recording of 'Just A Notion' "will be released worldwide in 2009", but as far as I know that never happened. There was at least a snippet of the recording available online at one point before the expected release,


I was wondering are there any plans to release More ABBA Gold onto DVD?.

Kind regards
Carissa, Australia



No. The contents are already available on DVDs The Definitive Collection and The Essential Collection.


My question is about ABBA releases in eastern Europe. Albums we're released in many of the countries. Yugoslavia released almost all the singles, and there were at least a few singles released in East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria (1). I don't think I've heard of any singles from Czechoslovakia (LPs only) and no records whatsoever from Romania. Why were there no ABBA releases in Romania?

Doug, USA



I've never seen any Romanian ABBA releases either. According to a famous ABBA supplement in Billboard magazine entitled ABBA 5 YEARS (dated September 8 1979), where ABBA's sales and impact were reported in countries all over the world, ABBA are described as "a top-dog group" in Romania, whose "records are much requested... on national and regional radio networks", though the article doesn't actually mention domestic record releases.


I’ve often wondered about the connection to Cher being in the ABBA’s ‘The Last Video’. I’m assuming she was in Sweden at the time, or was she filmed closer to home and digitally placed in later as were Frida and Agnetha. Prior to this video, I had no idea that she liked ABBA music. Do you know any of the background detail as to how she got involved in her cameo?
Also, while I think Christine Baranski did a great job of playing sassy Tanya in the ‘Mamma Mia’ movie, do you know if they’d ever thought of casting Cher in that part (especially seeing she seems to like ABBA music)? I think that as Cher could also have been able to do a good sassy Tanya (and probably also do a great job of singing ‘Does Your Mother Know’ in the movie), I’ve sometimes thought that it could have also been fun to seeing Cher starring with Meryl Streep again after having co-starred with her in 1983’s ‘Silkwood’.

Tony, Australia 



It seems that Cher's appearance in The Last Video was just a random thing - apparently it was Björn's idea to include cameos of other stars, hence Cher's inclusion. It's obvious that she's been keyed in to the scene, so I'd guess her appearance may have been filmed in London, around the time that Frida's scene was shot. See the In Focus article on ABBA | The official site for more behind the scenes information
I don't know if Cher was ever approached for the Mamma Mia! movie, though the plastic surgery jokes would surely have been appropriate! Personally, I don't think she would have been right for the role of Tanya.


I have a couple of 1977 concert questions which I hope you can help me with:
Do you know if the lighting-system that flashed the ABBA logo behind our four favourite people was kept? Until recent years of seeing how it was projected from behind the stage’s back; I’d always thought it was projected (very well and clearly) from the lighting booths from the audience’s direction. Needless to say, it would be great it wasn’t dismantled, and could be used in the eventual ‘permanent’ ABBA museum in Stockholm; it’s a nice bit of technological craft.
My other question is in regards to the hot-pants that Frida only wore in the Australian leg* of the tour (*no pun intended ;o) Where the hot-pants designed only for temperature reasons (while March in Oz can still be hot, it is the turning of the season, so they may not have been such a good idea if an Autumn coolness happened throughout that time), or could the change of design have been because they looked less restrictive than the longer pants and thus would have make the dance routines just that bit easier, or was the change just because she wanted it?

Tony, Australia 



I don't know whether the giant ABBA logo from the tour stages has survived, but I somehow doubt it. A recreation would indeed be a great addition to ABBA The Museum in Stockholm. A few people have assumed the logo was projected from the front, but the technology to project that clearly over that distance didn't exist at that time. Frames of lights shaped into letters is one of the oldest technologies for that sort of display - just take a look at any photos of Broadway and Times Square in New York in the 1920s/30s/40s etc.
Presumably Frida's shorts for the 1977 tour were made for the expected warmer weather in Australia, but I've never heard any confirmation of that. 


Which is the correct name for ABBA’s pre-ABBA cabaret group? ‘Festfolk’ or ‘Festfolket’?

Tony, Australia 



Actually, Festfolk (not Festfolket) was the name of the cabaret show the four performed, not the name of the quartet. 


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