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September 2014

As we're now waiting with bated breath for the upcoming ABBA '79 tour, I suppose the most obvious question is will there be a '77 tour released? Were any of the shows completely recorded?

imon, UK



In at least two recent interviews about the Live At Wembley Arena album, producer Ludvig Andersson says that there are "ten concerts from Australia and endless hours of footage from three different tours". All the Australian concerts were recorded for the soundtrack of ABBA - The Movie and a proposed 1977 live abum that never happened. Now that we have this live album, I can't see that they'd see much point in releasing another one that covers half of the same songs. But a year ago who knew that we'd get Live At Wembley Arena, so who can tell what the future may hold?


I’ve always wondered about the slightly different-sounding music-track backing to ABBA’s ‘La Reina Del Baile’ / ‘Reina Danzante’, compared to the original ‘Dancing Queen’ version. We know that the original music-track is still in ABBA’s recording archives, simply by hearing Michael B Tretow’s breakdown of the original ‘Dancing Queen’ tracks from ABBA TV specials since 1999, so could the reason be that the complete original music-track was destroyed or lost by the time ‘La Reina Del Baile’ / ‘Reina Danzante’ was recorded in 1980, and thus a new music-track needed to be re-recorded before Frida and Agnetha could record the Spanish lyrics for its release on ‘Gracias Por La Musica’?

(Here’s a link to ‘La Reina Del Baile’ / ‘Reina Danzante’ for quick reference: the

Cheers, from Tony, Australia.



I guess when recording the Spanish versions in 1980, earlier unfinished versions of the backing tracks were selected, before they had been edited and subjected to further overdubs. Whether this was by accident or design, I don't know.


Hi, am a great Fan of ABBA. I want to know where they are, how old they are now, are they Couples and if they are still together.

Jerry, Zambia 



This year (2014) Agnetha turned 64 and Björn turned 69 in April, Frida will turn 69 in November, and Benny will turn 68 in December. Both couples broke up many years ago, Agnetha and Björn at the end of 1978, Frida and Benny in early 1981.


I’ve always wondered if the hat that Frida used in the 1977 and 1979 concerts was the one that she wore in the ‘Dancing Queen’ gangster photo-shoot?

Tony, Australia



No, Frida's hat in the photo session is a different shape, and has a white band. The hats in the photo session were probably props, brought by the photographer. In the 1977 concerts, the hat was worn by drummer Malando Gassama, until Frida took it for 'Why Did It Have To Be Me'.


I have been a dedicated ABBA fan for 40 years and I have just purchased this DVD Platinum Edition ABBA from CD UNIVERSE in the USA, however I would like to find out, how and when this compilation, judging by the different songs and appearance of ABBA, I feel this must have been produced over several years. This DVD was released by Entertainment supplies in Argentina, I have been on their website, but they will not accept emails. Please can you help, I am obsessed with ABBA, even 30 years after they retired.

Thank you
Philip, UK



The Platinum Edition DVD features the many appearances by ABBA on West German TV that have been compiled into the oft-repeated ZDF Kultnacht TV special - in fact, the DVD is a copy of the Kultnacht broadcast, rather than being mastered from the original source material. This and several other DVDs released in Argentina in recent years are offiicial releases in that territory, but not authorised by Universal Music or Polar Music International, and are able to be released there due to local copyright laws (or a loophole in such laws).


Do you know if the original Chess album could be being considered for a Deluxe Edition release; either this year or at all? Needless to say, there’d be a lot of goodies for the DVD, let alone who-knows-what for the CD bonuses. If there aren’t any plans, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, as I think it could be a very good release.




The September 2014 issue of the Official International ABBA Fan Club Magazine revealed the tracklist for the upcoming Chess Deluxe Edition. It will include 2 CDs with the original 1984 album plus three previously unreleased recordings from those sessions: Press Conference, Intro Mountain Duet "Der Kleine Franz" and Anthem (Instrumental Version). The DVD will feature Magasinet Special: Chess 1984 (the making of the Chess album) and the music videos One Night In Bangkok, Nobody's Side, The Arbiter, I Know Him So Well, and Pity The Child.


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