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September 2017

I wanted to know if you have an updated on the ABBA digital human tour 2018? Simon Fuller is working on a project but hasn't given an update since October 2016. Any updates on when the concert tour starts would be much appreciated.

Rob D 



There's not much more news since the initial announcement last year. In interviews in just the last few weeks Benny has said that the show will consist of hologram versions of the ABBA members, with vocals potentially taken from live recordings in 1977 and 1979 plus studio recordings, with a live band. The ABBA holograms will look like ABBA did in their heyday.


During the 1977 tour, ABBA opened the show with an intro which lead directly into the song 'Tiger'. (see ABBA - The Movie). Even if it's faster, the intro, especially when Benny joins in with his electric piano, resembles the main riff of 'Summer Night City' (you can sing the first lines along perfectly). It's hard to imagine that this is by accident, any information about this little coincidence?

Thanks and cheers



They are indeed very similar, but not exactly the same. Both are fairly generic riffing around a chord, though someone with better musical training than me could explain it better.


I wanted to know could you tell me about the costumes that ABBA wore during their 1979 tour. I've been trying to find out what the costume measurements were back then for all 4 members but I can't find that out anywhere. Do you know or who might know?

Thank you!



I'm sorry I don't know their full measurements. Only the member's heights and weights have ever been published. See the individual members' biographies in the Facts section of this website.


Why weren't a few songs on ABBA Gold (Lay All Your Love On Me, Voulez-Vous and One Of Us) replaced on the 1992/1999 AU Gold by other local hits, and what would they be in your opinion. And do the already replaced tracks (Ring Ring, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do and Rock Me) sound unremasted on the 1992 AU Gold CD?
And why wasn't The Best Of ABBA featured on the ABBA Deluxe DVD unalerted instead of the international version (In Australia)? Maybe due to Lucky Starr?
And will you update the Release history on your ABBA Phenomenon in Australia website with more info?

Luv Aaron, Australia



I don't know why some songs that weren't big hits in Austalia were replaced on the original release of ABBA Gold, while other songs that also weren't local hits were left on. Other potential inclusions are 'Hasta Mañana' and 'On And On And On'. I have heard a theory that 'Lay All Your Love On Me' was left on because it was featured on Erasure's recent hit EP Abba-esque. I believe that the three added songs were indeed remastered for the Australian CD.
The overseas version of ABBA in Australia was included on the ABBA Deluxe Edition DVD because that's the version that was held in Polar Music's archive. The Australian version of the special is probably still held in Channel 9's archive, if it hasn't been wiped or lost (they still had it in 1984, when a copy was obtained directly from 9 by a group of Australian fans).
I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with the updates on my other website. It takes a lot of work to keep on top of everything. I hope to be making a lot of updates soon.


Is it true that 'Chiquitita' is the only song post the 1977 tour to almost push ABBA back to number one and scored a gold record for sales in Australia - the first and only in the years since 'Money, Money, Money'? Did Countdown ever show a clip of ABBA singing 'Chiqiutita' and if so which one?




It does appear that 'Chiquitita' was the only ABBA single after 1977 to be awared an Austalian gold record, though records from back then are incomplete and other singles may have also been award a gold record. 'Chiquitita' was ABBA's highest-placing single after 1977, peaking at number four. If I remember rightly, Countdown played the "snowman" clip, just once.


Hi Ian - I hope all is well. I hope you can help me with something:
We have a number people including media and fans asking me which non-ABBA song Molly played instead of Fernando when it was at No 1 for so long in Australia.
Would you know? And was it as say after 6 weeks he played that song?
And also some journos have stated 14 weeks at no 1 and some 16 weeks - would you know what the factual number is?

Many Thanks
Kind Regards

John Tyrrell
Founder/Manager, BJORN AGAIN



John, I'm afraid I don't know what the song was, nor after how many weeks into 'Fernando''s number one run that that was. I seem to recall they actually played another song twice during that time, usually a "prediction". I recall other incidences of another song being played when a song had been number 1 for over 3 or 4 weeks, and would likely still be number 1 the following week. Judinging by the Classic Countdown programmes screening on theABC at the moment, records of what was played or performed on what show seem patchy.
There are different chart sources quoted. There was no central national chart compiled then, until the creation of ARIA in 1983. Most regard the Kent Report as the standard, which had 'Fernando' at number one for 14 weeks. In NSW it was 15 weeks, which was published in The Book - Top 40 Research, published in the 90s, and is another figure often quoted. I think another state had it at number 1 for 16 weeks, it might have been Queensland or South Australia, but I'm not sure. I've heard that Countdown only had 'Fernando' at number 1 for 12 weeks, but I believe they compiled their own chart based on state charts.


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