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September 2020

I'm trying to find the name of an ABBA song I heard whilst in bed nursing a cold.I had Alexa shuffling ABBA but haven't found this one since. The song was longer than the usual 3 minute single; had a 'musical' type quality; as I recall thinking I'd mention it to my mum who likes Andrew Lloyd Webber songs .I think part of the title was '' from St. (French island)''. The closest song I can think of would be ''I Let The Music Speak'.'

Thanks in advance,



I'm sorry Lee, there's no such lyric in any ABBA song. From that small suggestion of lyrics I can't determine what the song might have been.


I seem to remember many many years ago, ABBA was going to release the complete orchestrations of their music, strings sections, guitars, keyboards, drums, the lot. Unfortunately this never happened. But I was wondering if the unabridged sheet music, version of 'Intermezzo no 1' (or to be more precise the studio version) exits anywhere and NOT the simplified versions that appear everywhere?
Thankyou in advance for your help




Many years ago orchestations were going to be released though the official ABBA site (these were to be the orchestrations created for the Mamma Mia! musical, not ABBA's catalogue). From memory only 'Dancing Queen' was released. There was a huge backlash about the high cost - US$100 per song. The only sheet music available for 'Intermezzo no 1' is either simple left and right hands (bass and treble clefs) for piano or guitar tabs.


Has it ever been spoken about why from 1979 onwards Agnetha send Bjorn rarely were seen in pictures next to each other? On stage and interviews it's quite noticable she blatantly blanks Bjorn especially in the Leysin BBC show you can see he still smiles at her fondly. Despite them claiming it to be an amicable divorce. Maybe not?

Simon, UK 



It was never explicitly said that they kept apart in photos, though it's true in later years the former couples are often not standing next to each other (though not always, there are just as many photos of at least one of the couples standing together). They did maintain the standard stage formation of Björn on the left, then Agnetha, Frida, and Benny on the right in concert and on TV (on ABBA in Switzerland the order is reversed), almost through to the end. It is interesting to note that on the very last two TV performances in November and December 1982 Frida and Agnetha swapped places.


is there a recording (demo) of the song 'Bésame mucho' sung by Anni-Frid Lyngstad on the talent contest "Flugan" Västerås in September.1964?

Best wishes, thank you
Wolfgang, Germany



I'm sorry Wolfgang, I'm not aware of any recording of that performance.


Which shop did Frida visit in the video of 'Head Over Heels'?

Yair, Israel



I believe it may be department store NK (Nordiska Kompaniet), which is located on Hamngatan in Stockholm. Many of the streets scenes are filmed on Hamngatan outside the store. Polar Music's office at the time was also located on Hamngatan, just a short walk away.


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