ABBA by Micke - FANtastic moments!

Micke Bayart

We accompany Micke Bayart as a teenage in the mid eighties, when he was covering small and major events involving members of ABBA for a German fan club publication named ABBA Fan-Blatt. In fact, by that time, ABBA had already disbanded as a group and the members had launched new careers. Björn and Benny were receiving attention for their musical, Chess, while Agnetha and Frida were releasing their own solo albums. In this book, we follow in the group members’ footsteps through articles from Fan-Blatt. The most striking feature, of course, is the fact that the author met the members and interviewed them on several occasions. These meetings took place in connection with ABBA’s appearances in Germany, on visits to members’ homes in Sweden, at Polar Studios or in the Polar Office in Stockholm. Micke’s self-sacrificing devotion was quite amazing. It drove the teenage Micke to pop up like a jack-in-a-box, sometimes here and sometimes there, to interview the ABBA members.

First published August 2011.

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ABBA by Micke - FANtastic moments!

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