Fanclub - It's a fan's world, pop stars just live in it 

Barry Divola

They marched in the Kiss Army. They yelled "Garth's a spunk!" at Sherbet concerts. They wept bitter tears when it was announced that Take That were going their separate ways.

They're the fans, and Fanclub is their story. From The Partridge Family to The Spice Girls, The Beatles to Savage Garden, this book takes a good hard look at the hopelessly devoted and finds out what makes them tick.

What does it take to get onstage and dance with Michael Jackson in front of 50,000 people?
Why does nearly every band have a "Ringo"?
Why don't followers of Boyzone want to have sex with a member of the group?

These and even more pressing questions are answered in Fanclub. You are there as we infiltrate an Abba convention. You are there as we hang around an airport waiting for Gary Barlow to arrive. You are there as everyone from John Paul Young to Henry Rollins is interviewed about their followers. You are there as the fans reveal the truth behind the obsession, the elation, the wanting and the waiting.

Be there - be part of the crowd.

First published Australia October 1998

Come Together: Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again
Fantales: John McKechnie (Abba)

Fanclub - It's a fan's world, pop stars just live in it 

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