Singles: Six Decades of Hot Hits and Classic Cuts

Johnny Black and Mark Brend

Singles is an indispensable chronological history of the popular music single. It features the work of chart-busting superstars, the influential masterpieces of great musicians, and the one-hit-wonder artists who managed to cram their entire musical careers into three minutes of glory. Inside, the roll call of classic pop hits runs from "Rock Around The Clock" to "Bohemian Rhapsody", and from "Good Vibrations" to " ... Baby One More Time."

  • Over 600 pictures, featuring 750-plus singles by more than 500 artists
  • Covers a wide variety of styles and genres, from pop to punk, rock 'n' roll to disco, and Motwon to hip-hop
  • A companion volume to the ground-breaking, best selling book Albums

First published November 2006.

Includes the ABBA singles Waterloo and Dancing Queen.

Singles: Six Decades of Hot Hits and Classic Cuts

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