Bengt H. Malmqvist - Stjärnornas fotograf

(Bengt H. Malmqvist - The Stars' Photographer)

Kenneth Ahlborn & Urban Nilmander

A beautiful coffetable book about the legendary Swedish photographer Bengt H Malmqvist.
Almost all Swedish recording artists since the 1950's, have found themselves in focus of the superstar photographer Bengt H. Malmqvist's Hasselblad camera.

It was he - "the King of the record sleeves" - that took backstage photos of Miles Davis and John Coltrane at the Stockholm Concerthall, the first Swedish rockers in 1957 - 1958 , the Queens of popular music Lill-Babs, Siw Malmkvist and Ann-Louise Hansson, the teenage beat idols Tages, Shanes and Mascots, and also Cornelis Vreeswijk, Fred Åkerström, Robban Broberg, Peps Persson, Pugh Rogefeldt, ABBA, Eva Dahlgren, Noice, Roxette and many, many more until the 1990's.

The about 200 artist portraits in this book had to fullfill three qualites to be chosen; the expressiveness of the photo, the spirit of age and the artist's significance.
Together they takes us on a journey trough 35 years of Swedish popculture, from Ulla Sallert in her home in 1952 to Roxette in a TV-studio in 1987. From the pink, blue and white style of the 50's to the gold and glamour of the 70's. A journey not only through music and styles, but also through time and memories. A journey hard to beat from an era always to be remembered.

8 colour postcards, exclusive for the book, are included.

First published Sweden 1998

Includes a chapter on ABBA.

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Bengt H. Malmqvist - Stjärnornas fotograf

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