The 100 Things We Loved About The 20th Century

David Dale

The 21st century is another country ... we'll do things differently there. But in our journey from the 20th century we will need to take some souvenirs - a small amount of carry-on baggage to remind us of the way we were.

In this book, David Dale analyses those essential souvenirs - the ideas, products, people, fads and entertainments that changed Australia during the past 100 years. From the Pill to the poker machine; from Number 96 to Friends; from Germaine Greer to Paul Hogan; from the Mars Bar to the Big Mac; from Daffy Duck to Indiana Jones; from the Walkman to the Internet ... these are the things that captured the imagination of Australians on their trip to a new millenium.

First published Australia 1999.

Includes chapter 'Abba'.

The 100 Things We Loved About The 20th Century

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