The 1970s Scrapbook

Compiled by Robert Opie

Full of pop and personalities, The 1970s Scrapbook sways through this energetic era on platform shoes to the beat of glam rock and discomania. Teenyboppers clamoured for their idols, whether David Essex, Donny Osmond, or Bay City Rollers.

Colour television brought it all to life - a mixture Upstairs, Downstairs drama and Fawlty Towers comedy. Much of the TV action came from the USA featuring Kojak, Starsky and Hutch and the stunt riding of Evel Knievel. For children, animals came to life with the Muppet Show and the Wombles, while in space new horizons were beamed up by Star Trek, and Star Wars was the big screen success.

Amongst all this fervour, children raced on Chapper bikes, adults grappled with the mathematical challenge of decimalisation in 1971, and all enjoyed the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.

Selected from the Robert Opie Collection, the 1,400 items in this book reflect Seventies' fashion and furnishings, film posters and football fever, along with the crisps and confectionary, cigarettes and cars of the time.

First published UK November 2004

Features photographs of several ABBA items.

The 1970s Scrapbook

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