The ABBA Review Guide

J.C. Berhbhardt

The ABBA Review Guide is the comnplete reference guide to the ABBA universe. Every ABBA related album, book, single, DVD. movie, TV show, video game and ringtone is catalogued here.

The book features narrative dicographies of ABBA, Agnetha, Frida, Bjorn & Benny, Benny Andersson, BAO, Chess, Hootenanny Singers, Hep Stars, Mamma Mia!, Janne Schaffer, Josefin Nilsson, Krsitna, Gemini, Stig Anderson and others. There are chapters on record sales, live performances, covers of ABBA songs, Andersson-Ulvaeus productions & songs, Christmas recording, as well as other ABBA related subjects.

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First published USA 3 July 2017.

The ABBA Review Guide

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