ABBA - The Inner Circle Interviews

Marisa Garau & Frédéric Tonnan

You thought you knew everything about ABBA? Think again.

In ABBA - The Inner Circle Interviews over 40 music professionals give their unpolished views on personal experiences with the super-band. Now they share their stories with you!

Don't settle for less and find out what really happened behind the scenes of ABBA's hit producing magic.

If you are done with the politically correct stories which dominated the media for over thirty years and which were readily parroted in numerous books on the successful Swedes, read 'ABBA — The Inner Circle Interviews' and get to the bottom of the rise and fall of the most influential pop act ever.

'ABBA — The Inner Circle Interviews' presents the personal views of over 40 extraordinary music professionals who contributed to the timeless appeal of this band. These are the people who were actually there when ABBA's amazing pop story unfolded right before their very eyes.

This unique book offers in-depth and previously confidential information on the musical and entrepreneurial brilliance of this multimillion venture, as well as intriguing insights in the psychological dynamics between ABBA's highly creative, extremely ambitious and utterly headstrong individuals.

First published December 2010.

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ABBA - The Inner Circle Interviews

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