The Little White Piano

Björn Ulvaeus

The Little White Piano has lost her voice.

While she once burst with the joys of music, she now lies sad and silent, abandoned in her old cottage on the hill.
Will her beloved owners return, will she finally talk to her dear old friends, and will she ever again get the chance to sing with all her heart? The Little White Piano fells like any other unwanted instrument, but her past tells a different tale, and she doesn't realise just quite how extraordinary she really is...

The Little White Piano is the first story by Björn Ulvaeus, legendary musician, song-writer and composer, and is an enchanting tale of hope, friendship and the joys if the inspirational power of music.

The real Little White Piano still exists to this day, and is currently touring with ABBAworld...!

First published January 2010. Available exclusively at ABBAWORLD touring exhibition

The Little White Piano

The Little White Piano

Björn Ulvaeus
illustrated by Maja Lindberg

One day a new piece of furniture arrives at the little cottage on the island. A little white piano. To the piano's delight, the two friends Björn and Benny start to play wonderful new melodies on her. Their inspiration seems to know no limites - even if it means carrying the little piano along a snowy path in the woods in the middle of the night.

In English, German, Russian, Finnish and Swedish editions.

First published January 2014. Available exclusively at ABBA The Museum

 The Little White Piano
 Das kleine weisse klavier
 Pieni Valkoinen Piano
 Det lilla, vita pianot

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