ABBA - The Quiz Book

Daniel Ward

What was Agnetha's first job after leaving school?

The 1977 tour began in which city?

Who sings the lead vocal on Money Money Money?

How many studio albums did Abba release?

Which song features the lyric "we're like sun and rainy weather, sometime's we're a hit together"?

ABBA THE QUIZ BOOK is a celebration of one of the world's greatest ever bands, and contains an incredible 1000 questions on every aspect of their career - songs, videos, tours, albums, lyrics, people, places, and much, much more!

It's the ultimate challenge for all fans of the ultimate band!

In which years was the film version of the musicam Mamma Mia released?

'In The Arms Of Rosalita' was the working title of which ABBA song?


First published UK 26 November 2013.

ABBA - The Quiz Book

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