The Sound and The Fury - 40 Years of Classic Rock Journalism - A Rock's Backpages Reader

Edited by Barney Hoskins

From Rock's Backpages, the online library of rock and roll, comes the anthology of timeless rock writing. From the good to the bad to the plain ugly, The Sound and The Fury spans four decades and comes at rock and roll from all angles. Among the pieces...
  • Al Aronowitz documenting the Beatles' arrival in America
  • Will Self sparring with Morrissey
  • Nick Hornby reappraising pop deities ABBA
  • Glenn O'Brien dishing the dirt on Madonna
  • Jon Savage entering the fractured mind of Kurt Cobain
  • Lenny Kaye riding Grand Funk Railroad
  • Greil Marcus on The Band,
  • Mary Harron on Warhol,
  • Vivien Goldman at the Wigan Casino,
  • John Mendelssohn in South Central LA

... and many others.

First published UK May 2003

Chapter: ABBA: Welcome to the Pallindrome by Nick Hornby (1997)

Further information at Rock's Backpages: the Ultimate Rock'n'Roll Library.

The Sound and The Fury - 40 Years of Classic Rock Journalism

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