ABBA - The Album

(song numbers in brackets indicate track number on CD)

Side 1:

1. (1) Eagle

2. (2) Take A Chance On Me

3. (3) One Man, One Woman

4. (4) The Name Of The Game
(4) The Name Of The Game (promotional edit) (on early pressings of 1997 remastered CD)

Side 2:

1. (5) Move On

2. (6) Hole In Your Soul

3. "The Girl With The Golden Hair"
    - 3 scenes from a mini-musical -

a. (7) Thank You For The Music

b. (8) I Wonder (Departure)

c. (9) I'm A Marionette

Bonus track on 2001 reissued remastered CD:

10: Thank You For The Music (Doris Day)

Bonus tracks on Deluxe Edition 2007:

10. Eagle (single edit)

11. Take A Chance On Me (live version, alternate mix)

12. Thank You For The Music (Doris Day version)

13. Al Andar

14. I Wonder (Departure) (live version)

15. Gracias Por La Música

Deluxe Edition DVD 2007:

1. Eagle/Thank You For The Music (Star Parade. ZDF)

2. Take A Chance On Me (Am Laufenden Band, Radio Bremen)

3. The Name Of The Game (ABBA Special, TBS)

4. Thank You For The Music (Mike Yarwood’s Christmas Show, BBC)

5. Take A Chance On Me (Star Parade, ZDF)

6. ABBA on tour in 1977 (Rapport, SVT)

7. Recording ABBA – The Album (Gomorron Sverige, SVT)

8. ABBA in London, February 1978 (Blue Peter, BBC)

9. ABBA in America, May 1978 (Rapport, SVT)

10. ABBA – The Album Television Commercial I (UK)

11. ABBA – The Album Television Commercial II (Australia)

12. International Sleeve Gallery

Released 12 December 1977.
Released on CD 1984.
Remastered CD released May 1997.
Remastered CD released in USA March 1999.
Reissued remastered CD released 25 June 2001 with 1 bonus track. Currently available.
Available as part of Chronicles - 3 Classic Albums box set in USA.
Deluxe Edition CD/DVD released 15 October 2007. Currently available.
180 gram vinyl LP reissue released 21 July 2008.
Mastered for iTunes released 4 April 2014 with no bonus tracks. Currently available.
40th anniversary half speed mastered LP released 27 October 2016.

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ABBA - The Album LP

ABBA - The Album MC

ABBA - The Album LP UK

ABBA - The Album Austria 1978

ABBA - El Album Argentina 1978

ABBA - The Album LP Israel

ABBA - The Album LP Ecuador

ABBA - The Album Taiwan

ABBA - The Album MC Saudi Arabia

Aлbбом LP USSR

ABBA - The Albbum MC Japan 1981

ABBA - The Album CD 1984


ABBA - El Album Argentina 1990

ABBA - The Album CD 2001

ABBA - The Album Deluxe Edition CD/DVD 2007

ABBA - The Album 180 gram vinyl LP 2008

ABBA - The Album 40th anniversary half speed remaster LP 2017

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