The places of the ABBA world

BOHUS STUDIO Sweden LP ABBA - The Album.

CRITERIA STUDIOS Miami, Florida, USA. LP Voulez-Vous.

EUROPAFILM STUDIO Stockholm, Sweden. LPs Ring Ring, various promotional films 1974 - 1981.

GLEN STUDIO Stocksund, Sweden. LPs ABBA, ABBA - The Album.

INDEPENDENT STUDIOS Stockholm, Sweden. Filming location for The Last Video 2004.

KMH STUDIO Stockholm, Sweden. LPs Ring Ring,

MARCUS MUSIC Sweden LPs ABBA - The Album, Voulez-Vous.

METRONOME STUDIO Stockholm, Sweden. LPs Ring Ring, Waterloo, ABBA, Arrival, ABBA - The Album, Voulez-Vous.

MIKE'S STUDIO Stockholm, Sweden. LP Gracias Por La Música.

POLAR MUSIC STUDIO Stockholm, Sweden. LPs Voulez-Vous, Super Trouper, The Visitors, 1982 sessions.

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