Voulez-Vous Record Store Day 2012

12 inch glitter blue vinyl single, 2012

Limted edition of 5,000 copies

Number Name Location
0022 Ian Cole Sydney, Australia
0851 Ian Cole Sydney, Australia
1209 Nikitha Stolyarov Moscow, Russia
1516 Rod Kirkman Sydney, Australia
1523 Toni Urgias Kempten, Germany
1560 Mark Foster / Colin Pick  Canberra, Australia
1798 Aleksander Stampe Copenhagen, Denmark
Debbie Brenssell
Dunedin, New Zealand
1974 Raffe Pohlman Malmö, Sweden
2512 Chris van Dijk Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
2651 Madeleine Baehler Switzerland
2898 Chris van Dijk Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
3605 Tim Derry Londong, UK
3679 Aleksander Stampe Copenhagen, Denmark
3752 Adrian Keller Switzerland
3927 Michael Blanke Vancouver, Canada
Yannick Van Rillaer
Sint-Joris-Winge, Belgium
4681 Roy Leipzig, Germany

Voulez-Vous (Extended Dance Remix) 12 inch vinyl single 2012

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