Abba - Biography, pictures, latest news, horoscope, lyrics, photo gallery, links at BiggestStars.com.
  Abba Bio Lyrics Songs By Artist Lyrics Songs 80s Abba
  ABBA BLOG Emanthi. Video links, lyrics.
  ABBA Blog Fabián, Mexico. Monthly article, weekly polls and videos, news, ABBA history. In Spanish and English versions.
  ABBA BLOG | Facebook
  ABBA BOOTLEGS AND CONCERTS Betsabba, Spain. Fan CDs with unreleased material.
  abbabr : ..::ABBA-Br:::::Grupo::.. Yahoo! group for Brazilian fans. In Brazilian Portuguese.
  ABBA Brasil Grupos.com.br "Grupo de discussão sobre o maravilhoso grupo sueco ABBA. Todos ABBA fãs são bem vindos." In Brazilian Portuguese.
Highly recommended ABBA BRAZIL Daniel Couri, Brazil. Author of the books Made in Suecia (2008) and Mamma Mia! (2011) Blog in Portuguese.
  ABBA BRAZIL Lacerda, Brazil. Blog. "News and articles translated to Brazilian Portuguese for the first time." In Portuguese.
Worth a look ABBA by Micke Book by Micke Bayart (2011).
  ABBA Bulletin Board
  ABBACADABRA Philippe, France. Information about the 1983 musical based on ABBA songs. In French and English versions.
  Abba Cake available to order in London only.
  ABBA - Campaign for a comeback tour | Facebook
Highly recommended ABBA CD-ROM: 1974-75 Tour Details and ordering information.
  The ABBA Central | All things ABBA! Coming soon.
  ABBA-Chat für Fans Chat room.

ABBA chilena Forum, news. Under reconstruction. In Spanish.
ABBA chilena

  An ABBA Classic In The Making Marjatta K. The recording of Dancing Queen.
  ABBA Club De Fans México y América | Facebook In Spanish. 
  ABBA Concert Setlists | setlist.fm
Worth a look ABBA Connection Discography. New site still under construction. In French.
  Abba - Contactmusic.com News.
  ABBA Costumes Blog.
  Abba Costumes Links to buy ABBA style costumes.
Worth a look ABBA DABBA DOO "An honest, upfront view on ABBA related matters by an Australian fan" Blog.
Dud site ABBA - Dance Music - Music/Performing Arts On AllExperts Questions & Answers.
  ABBA Dance Party » Digster Playlist, links to Spotify and WiMP. On Digster.se.
  ABBA-Day : ABBA-Day Yahoo! Group. "A list for North American ABBA fans who want to participate events in the U.S. and Canada."
  ABBA Day Germany 2000 Jürgen and Michael, Germany. Details of fan gathering in Marburg an der Lahn, Germany on 21 October 2000. This site is in German and English versions.
  abbadayandweekend : ABBA Day And Weekend. Yahoo! group.
  ABBA demos4ever Jonathan, UK. Message board.
Highly recommended ABBA - die deutsche Seite Alain Germany. News, alben (discography), biography, media (photos, songs, videos), shop, Bravo (vintage magazine articles), forum. In German.
  ABBA - Discography at Music Chart Heaven.
Essential site ABBA Discography at Discogs Records from all over the world.
  Abba Discography Guide At DiscographyGuide.com
  Abba - Discoogle.com Biography, links to individual members information, discography, lyrics and music videos, posters, ringtones, buy music online.
  Abba, discos, letras, biografia, fotos, canciones, música y videos de Abba Discography, biography, lyrics, pictures. In Spanish.
  Abba - Diskografi - Anatolianrock.com In Turkish
  ABBA - Does Your Mother Know That You're Here? Discographies, music files, news. In Italian.
  ABBA Drawings by Greg.
` ABBA DreamWorld Blog. In Spanish.
  ABBA - Dummipedia.org Biography. Also links to individual members and other information.
Worth a look ABBA - Dutch Fan Site Frank, Netherlands. Pictures, discographies. 
Worth a look ABBAECUADOR - ABBA ECUADOR Ivan, Ecuador. Blog. In Spanish.
  ABBA Elite is a 4 piece tribute band with live 4 part harmonies, live guitar and keyboards with exceptional backing tracks Tribute band from Spain.
Worth a look ABBA EL SITIO CHILENO Andres, Chile. News, biographies, Chilean discography, Spanish lyrics, quiz, "friends of ABBA", In Spanish.
  ABBA en Castellano Maria Garcia, Spain. In Spanish.
  Abba - encyclopedia article about Abba. Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
Worth a look ABBA en Español Richard, Venezuela. News blog. In Spanish.
  abba en frida lyngstad Photoblog. In Dutch.
Highly recommended ABBA en México/ GDL ( Guadalajara ) Gus & Bogart, Mexico. News, biographies, chronology, musicals, Mexican discography. In Spanish and English.
  abbaexchange - "abba selling and buying" Launch-Yahoo! group to sell and buy ABBA items.
Highly recommended The ABBA Experience Vince, UK. Biographies, photo galleries, Eurovision, ABBA - The Movie, Mamma Mia!.
Tune in today to The ABBA Experience
  The ABBA Experiment Part of Denver Westword site.
  ABBA EXPLOSION Tribute band from Germany. In German.
Essential site The ABBA Express Paul, UK. Albums, lyrics, videos, biography, downloads, games, fans (stories), links.
The ABBA Express
  abba | Facebook not an official page.
  abba | Facebook
  ABBA | Facebook not an official page.
  ABBA | Facebook
  ABBA | Facebook
  Abba | Facebook
  ABBA | Facebook
Highly recommended ABBA | Facebook Official page.
ABBA | Facebook
  АББА | Facebook In Russian.
  ABBA | Facebook Page about the 1975 ABBA album.
  ABBA! | Facebook
  ABBA! | Facebook
  ABBAfan25's World Yannick, Belgium. Blog. Download ABBA remixes and covers.
  ABBAfan25's World Yannick, Belgium. Under construction.
Highly recommended ABBA Fanatic Roxanne, Australia. "ABBA Galleries, My Collection, Items For Sale, Videos, and more to come !"
Highly recommended ABBA Fanatic Roxanne, Australia. Blog featuring ABBA news and Roxanne's collection.
  ABBA-fan Boredom Breakers Association Suzy, USA. "ABBA-related Fan Fiction, Poetry, Song Parodies, and more - by the Fans, for the Fans."
  Abba Fan Club History of the British ABBA fan club of the mid 1970s and early 1980s.
  The Abba Fan Club!!! <abba-4-ever> Bebo profile.
  ABBA Fanclub | Facebook
  ABBA FAN CLUB | Facebook
  ABBA fanclub | Facebook
  ABBA fanclub | Facebook In Italian.
  ABBA Fan Club | Fansite with photos, videos, and more on Fanpop! Videos, articles, forum, polls, quizzes.
  ABBA Fan Club - Home Not the official ABBA fan club. Under construction.
  ABBA FAN CLUB in Moscow Information about the fan club, picture gallery, ABBA news, MIDI files, interview with Stig Anderson (1995). In English and Russian.
  abbafanclub international Blog. In Dutch.
Highly recommended ABBA Fan Club (officialabbafan) on Twitter Official International ABBA Fan Club.
Essential site ABBA Fan Club Shop Your shop for everything ABBA.
ABBA Fan Club Shop - Your shop for everything ABBA
Highly recommended ABBA Fan Club Shop | Facebook
Highly recommended ABBA Fan Club Shop (ABBAFanClubShop) on Twitter
  ABBA - Fancy Dress Costumes and Fancy Dress Outfits - www-Fancy-Dress.com UK. Costumes for sale.
  The ABBA Fans Club Based in Argentina
ABBA Info Argentina fanzine
Snail mail (no web site):
c/- Oscar Alejo Smirnov
José Inguinieros 95
5152 Villa Carlos Paz
Dud site abbafan.come2me.nl Biography, forum. In English and Dutch.
  ABBA FAN ITALIANI | Facebook In Italian.
  ABBA FAN PL  Google Groups In Polish.
  *ABBA*Fans* | Facebook
  ABBA Fans Links to auction items.
  ABBA Fans <ABBAFANS07> Bebo profile.
  ABBA Fans | Facebook
  ABBA Fans | Facebook Palestine.
  ABBA FANS | Facebook
  Abba FanSíte | Facebook
  ABBA fans Malta | Facebook
  ABBA Fans around the globe!! | Facebook.
  ABBAfansinamerica : ABBA USA Yahoo! Group "dedicated to organizing an "ABBA Day" in America and getting ABBA into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"
  ABBA Fan Seite Alles über Abba Agnetha Frida Benny Björn ABBA Forever. Dana, Germany. Biography, pictures, collection, cartoon, video clips, lyrics. In German and English versions.
  ABBA Fan Site: Photo album
Highly recommended ABBA Fans Of All Countries Unite! Ralph, Germany. Links to news items in various countries. In German, English, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Finnish, and Italian.
  ABBA FANS UNITE | Facebook
Worth a look abbafan.tk ABBA Italian Fanclub "This a forum, italian fanclub dedicated to our four! There are sections dedicated to ABBA music and the 70-80 years and current affairs in the world, in the markets and the record charts. there is also a section dedicated to the discussion only in English". In Italian.
Worth a look ABBA Fan World Julian, Germany. "A site with information about ABBA songs, their recording, production and their releases."
  ABBA Filmography on Fandango.
  ABBA forever Galleries.
  ABBA-forever History, picture galleries, quotes.
Dud site ABBA Forever Jolene. An ABBA site for fans old and new alike.
  ABBA Forever Tribute band from the UK.
  ABBAforever - Croatian ABBA fanclub | Facebook In Croatian.
  ABBA Forever | Facebook
  ABBA FOREVER | Facebook
  ABBA FOREVER . net Croatian Fun Club. Biographies, discography, forum. In Croatian.
  ABBAforLife Michaela. Blog.
  ABBA Foro en Español www.abbaforo.com | Facebook In Spanish.
Highly recommended ABBAForo - Home "ABBA Foro en Español". Forum. In Spanish.
ABBAForo - Home
  ABBA for Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Petition
  ABBA for the new generation Jolene, UK. Fan tribute, midi files, message board.
Essential site abba for the record - the abba collectors web reference Collection of ABBA albums, singles and CDs from around the world.
ABBA for the record
  The ABBAForum on LiveJournal's Journal
Highly recommended ABBA France&Belgique "la discographie la plus complète de France et de Belgique" Blog with French and Belgian discography. In French.
Dud site ABBA Freak's Home Page Bill, USA. Promises facts, pictures, sound clips. Join the "Free ABBA Club".
  ABBA: From Sweden to Superstardom - Photo Gallery - LIFE
  ABBA für immer! / ABBA 4-ever! | Facebook
  ABBA GALAXY, Tribute Page to Swedish Super Group ABBA Rafael. Links
  ABBAgdl News Gustavo, Mexico. Blog. In Spanish.
  Abba generacion del 70´ | Facebook
  ABBA gigs, news, photos, videos, features & music reviews on SameSame.com.au
  ABBA gigs, news, photos, videos, features & music reviews on SameSame.com.au
  ABBA - gimme gimme gimme | Facebook.
  Abba Gold Book by Elisabeth Vincentelli. From Continuum Books.
  ABBA Gold | Facebook For fans of the CD.
  ABBA gold | Facebook In Spanish.
  ABBA "Gold: Greatest Hits" - CD Album | ABBA Pop24 News New release news. In German.
Worth a look ABBA - GOLD Special Edition Quiz Advertisement for 2010 re-release.
Worth a look The ABBA Guide to Stockholm | Facebook New book by Sara Russell.
  The "ABBA Guitar Tabs" Archive Greg, Canada.
  ABBA - Happy Hawai - from the latest edition "Arrival" album | Facebook
  ABBA - Happy New Year | Facebook
  ABBA Heaven Emma, UK. Biographies, discography, picture gallery, lyrics, Frida shrine. Under construction.
  Abba-Holic "The No1 place about the No1 music group". Apostolis, Greece. Discographies, videography, photos, quizzes and surveys, forum.
  ABBA-holics (thepiperchile) | Facebook
  ABBA - Home Camilla, Sweden. CD and video swap list.
Dud site ABBA homepage Fan tribute
  ABBA - I am a Marionette | Facebook
  ABBA il gruppo pop migliore di tutti i tempi! | Facebook In Italian.
Highly recommended ABBA IN AUSTRALIA - ABBA IN AUSTRALIA "THE BEGINNING" Trudy, Australia. 
  ABBA In Concert review from Cashiers du Cinemart.
  ABBA: Information From Answers.com Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
  ABBA information - Search.com Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
  Abba in pictures Exhibition to be held in Stockholm, May-September 2009 (cancelled).
  Abba : Infos, paroles, photos In French.
  ABBAinJapan Magda, Romania. Photoblog with images from ABBA in Japan DVD.
  ABBA in Japan | Facebook
  ABBA Intermezzo | Facebook
Highly recommended ABBAinter.net Philippe, France. Video clips, photo gallery.
  «ABBA» — интернет радиостанция, слушать онлайн на радио 101_ru (Internet radio station, listen to online radio 101.ru), 24 hour ABBA radio, Russia.
Highly recommended ABBA в Україні / ABBA in Ukraine Ted, Ukraine. History, discography, lyrics (in 6 languages), picture galleries, MP3, wallpapers and skins. In Ukrainian.
Cторінка гурту ABBA в Україні
Cторінка гурту ABBA в Україні
  ABBAishappiness : ABBA was/is a musical group of the 70's and early 80's Yahoo! Group.
  ABBA is my life | Facebook
  ABBA is the Shakespear of pop! | Facebook
  ABBA Italia | Facebook
  Abbaitalia :: Index Forum. In Italian.
  ABBA Italian Fanclub & '70 '80 Music Forum. In Italian.


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