Essential site ABBA Plaza - the ultimate ABBA site Robert, Netherlands. News, book ABBA & Me, rare items, fun (games), lyrics, downloads, galleries, video, tours, encounters (with ABBA members), autographs, albums, collection. In English and Dutch versions.
surf to ABBA Plaza
  ABBA - please do a reunion concert | Facebook 
Worth a look AbbA Polls Joost, Netherlands. ABBA Top 50, monthly poll.
AbbA Polls
  ABBA - Polydor Biography, discography @ I Love That Song.
  ABBA PORT Photo blog. In Czech.
Worth a look ABBAPOSTERS : ABBA Posters Yahoo! Group for sharing images of ABBA posters, promotional and commercial.
  ABBA - preklady písnicek Tomas, Poland. Lyrics (translated to Polish). In Polish.
  abba - Prices, Offers & Tests of abba on Ciao! Shopping Intelligence. Compares best prices for ABBA CDs and DVDs in the UK.
  ABBA Quizzes and ABBA Trivia -- FunTrivia on Fun Trivia.
  ABBA Radio Puerto Rico | Facebook 
  ABBA Radio Puerto Rico | Facebook Old page.
  ABBA RARE Blog of ABBA rarities.
  ABBARARITES Mila, Czech Republic. Blog.
Dud site ABBA-RARITES Blog. In Czech.
Worth a look ABBA recording chronology Jonas, Sweden.
Worth a look abbaregistro Blog with video links.

Highly recommended

ABBA Remember Fan Club. In English and German version.

  ABBA Remember - Chess Basel Premiere Photos and review. In German.
  ABBA Remember | Facebook
Worth a look Abba reviews Album reviews and "representative tracks".
Worth a look ABBA Reviews George, Russia. Fan reviews of the major ABBA albums.
  ABBARicans Radio
  ABBARicans Radio | Facebook
  ᗅᗺᗷᗅ 'RING RING' DELUXE GROUP | Facebook
  ABBA - Rock Me | Facebook
  ABBA Rock Photo Archive by Chris Walter. Stock Photos of the Band / Artist ABBA for publication or personal use
  Abba Rock's Blog.
  ABBA | Rokpool - The Ultimate Rock & Pop Music Archive Biography, on Rokpool | The Ultimate Rock & Pop Music Archive.
  Abba | Rolling Stone Music Biography.
Worth a look ABBA Russian Fan Club Blog In Russian.
  ABBA Sales Sandra, Germany. Records and other merchandise for sale.
Dud site abbasarmy : ABBASARMY Yahoo! Group.
Dud site ABBA's Aussie Connection Aussie Salmon. Biographies, discography.
  ABBA's BACK - ABBA tribute concert show Australia.
  ABBA Scene Joe Kubasha in the USA. Pictures.
Highly recommended The ABBA Scrapbook Bonnie, Netherlands. Photo blog.
  ABBA - Seventies Music at Randy's Rodeo Biography, essential albums and songs listings. 
  abba_sharing | Facebook
  ABBA:s hemliga spelning i Landskrona Article about ABBA's 1979 "secret concert". In Swedish.
  Abba should be in the POP Hall of Fame, Not the Rock Hall of Fame | Facebook
Essential site ABBA Singles Nathan, UK. Picture galleries of single sleeves from around the world.
ABBA Singles
Dud site ABBA Site Biographies, discography, picture galleries, quotes.
  the-abba-site Biographies, picture galleries, discography.
  ABBAsite | Facebook
Worth a look ABBA Sites On The Web Aku, Finland. Links.
Highly recommended Abbasolutely Trudy, Australia. Blog featuring personal collection, memorabilia and memories.
  Abba Song List | Tune List Links to authorised downloads.
  Abba Song Meanings - Lyric Interpretations.com
  Abba - Songteksten / Lyrics @ >> LyricsProvider.com
  ABBA SOS - Lyrics, Videos And Everything About This ABBA Hit Song.
  abbaspace Blog.
  ABBA - Spain, la mejor web de ABBA en castellano mp3's raros y en directo, videos, midis, karaokes, entrevistas, descargas, chat, galerías de fotos, biografías, discografía, información, chat, links y muchísimo más. (Downloads, discography, videos, MP3, rarities, chat, information, gallery and more) In Spanish.
ABBA Spain
  The ABBA specialist Pop Import, based in Sweden. Has many ABBA, solo and other related artists items available.
  Abba - Spotify Streaming music.
  ABBA - Stardoll - Fame, fashion and friends Dress up ABBA dolls.
Highly recommended abba.startkabel.nl Links. In Dutch.
  Abba Story - Abba's discography, news, songs, lyrics, photos and more on the greatest Swedish band ! "The very best of Abba including all news, lyrics, songs, albums, photos, links and resources. Browse the complete discography of the greatest Swedish band... ever !"
Worth a look ABBA Story & Collection Patick, Belgium. In English, French, Dutch and Spanish versions.
  The Abba Story: The Winner Takes It All Information about the documentary. On ABC-TV Australia.
  ABBA Super Trouper P on Facebook App and ordering links.
  ABBA (sur le Pipazor's Web) Biographies, discography, music files, lyrics, picture gallery. In French and English versions.
  ABBA - susning.nu Biography, discography. In Swedish.
  Abba swicki - powered by eurekster Links.
  ABBA's WORLD Forum.
  ♫ Abba Tabs, Abba Chords, Lyrics on AZChords.com.
  Abba tabs :: complete, accurate & free Guitar tabs.
  abba Tag Page on Technorati Links to blogs.
  ABBA TEAM | Facebook
  ABBA - The 1974-1975 Tour | Facebook
  ABBA - The 1977 Tour | Facebook
  ABBA - The 1979 - 1980 Tour | Facebook
  ABBATheAlbum Magda, Romania. Photoblog with images from ABBA - The Album Deluxe Edition.
Essential site ABBA - The Albums John, USA. Reviews and critiques of ABBA, solo and related artists' albums.
ABBA - The Albums
  ABBA - The Albums - Lyrics Quiz
  =====ABBA The Argentine Flog===== - Fotolog Blog. In Spanish.
  ABBA The Argentine Museum | Facebook
Worth a look ABBA - The Art Joe, USA. Information about ABBA's graphic images and the people who created them, with links.
ABBA - The Art
Highly recommended ABBA The Articles Michel, Netherlands. Original ABBA articles from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with English translations.
  ABBATheBlog Reviews.
  ABBA THE BLOG News. In Spanish, some English.
  ᗅᗺᗷᗅ - The Blog Book Nils, UK. Blog.
Worth a look ABBA: The Book Jean-Marie Potiez in France. A look inside the book, reviews, readers comments. Published by Aurum Press Ltd.
  ᗅᗺᗷᗅ the Deluxe Edition's | Facebook
Highly recommended ABBA - The Face Book | Facebook
Worth a look ABBA: The Facebook Group (Global) | Facebook
  ABBA: The Full Story Article from Stylus Magazine.
  ABBA - The Gold Greatest Hits of ABBA | ABBA Gold Review of the album and songs.
  ABBA - the greatest pop group of all time Linda, Sweden. Blog.
  ::: ABBA — The Inner Circle Interviews ::: Buy the book here ::: Book by Marisa Garau & Frédéric Tonnan.
  ABBA - THE JOURNEY - Agnetha - Benny - Bjorn - Frida Giuseppe, Italy. Biographies, discographies, lyrics, Agnetha and Frida solo discographies.
  Abba - The Memorable Music Hall of Fame Biography.
  ABBA: The Movie review from Cashiers du Cinemart.
  ABBA - The Movie Unofficial site, coming soon.
  ABBA: The Movie (1977) on the Internet Movie Database.
  Abba: The Movie (1977) review on Cinema.com.
  ABBA: The Movie (1977) at the four word film review.
  ABBA: The Movie (1977) - Overview - MSN Movies
  ABBA - the Movie | Facebook
  ABBA The movie | Facebook
  ABBA The Movie | Facebook
  ABBA The Movie Review. Movie Reviews - Film - Time Out London.
  Abba the Movie Movie Overview (1977) from Channel 4 Film.
  Abba: The Movie posters from MovieGoods.com.
  Abba: The Movie Movie Reviews, Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes.
  ABBA - the Movie | Movie Trailer, Reviews, Photos, Cast | Hollywood.com
  ABBA The Movie - Special Features Magda, Romania. Blog.
Essential site ABBA The Museum | Facebook Official page.
  ABBA the Museum on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Official site.
  ABBA The Name Of The Game (Album) | Facebook.
Dud site abbathenewgroup : ABBA - The New Group Yahoo! Group "For the lovers of ABBA everywhere!".
Dud site ABBA - The News Marnix, Netherlands. ABBA news culled from the internet (not updated since 2005).
Essential site ABBA | The official site Store, story, the albums. Maintained by Universal Music Sweden.
ABBA | The official site
  ABBA - The Real Music World Plaza (Site 1) - Home Viraj, UK. FAQ, photo gallery, blog, polls, shop, library of songs.
  ABBA – The Releases Walter, The Netherlands. Blog connected to ABBA - The Releases website.
Essential site ABBA - The Releases Walter, Netherlands. Information about the various ABBA records released around the world over the years.
ABBA - The Releases
  ABBA - The Releases | Facebook Connected to ABBA - The Releases website.
  ABBA - THE REMIXES | Facebook
  ABBA - THE REVIEWS Marnix, Netherlands.
Highly recommended ABBA The Scrapbook by Jean-Marie POTIEZ (Plexus Publishing Ltd) A look inside the book, reviews, readers comments.
  ABBA - The Scrap Book | Facebook
  ABBA - The Story: Berättelsen om supergruppen Blog by Carl Magnus Palm for his new Swedish ABBA biography. In Swedish.
  ABBA The true masters of POP | Facebook 
  abba the twiter Blog. In Spanish and English.
  Abba - The unofficial Fansite Dustin, Germany. Personal collection. In German with some English.
  ABBA - The Unofficial Website Moar, Israel. Biographies, discography, downloads.
  abbathevinylcollector : ABBA the vinyl collector - a place to swap and sale ABBA items, vinyl & cd Yahoo! Group.
Worth a look ABBA - The Website Andrew, UK. Discography, filmography, musicals, bibliography, classifieds, details of web fan forums and mailing lists.
  Abba - The Women Dannyboy, UK. Blog "A tribute to the amazing women from Abba."
Essential site ABBA  - The Worldwide Chart Lists Trent, Australia. The chart positions of ABBA from around the world, covering countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe.
ABBA  - The Worldwide Chart Lists
  ABBA Tickets - ABBA Concert Tickets - ABBA Biography.
Dud site ABBA Tickets and Information Site hoping for an ABBA reunion.
Essential site ABBA TIME TUNNEL PM Art in Australia. "Journey through time to a place where ABBA and green vinyl reign supreme! Discover a stack of rare memorabilia and stunning new photos from ABBA's legendary 1977 Australian Concert Tour. The site also offers a wonderful souvenir photo set from the Tour. This is a slickly produced webpage that re-defines ABBA on the Internet!"
Highly recommended abbatoday - ABBA TODAY News.
  ABBA TOP 40 BRASIL - by Rafael Nogueira Chart placings in Brazil. In Portuguese.
Worth a look The ABBA Tours - Home Jacob, USA. Details of ABBA's concert tours. Under construction.
Highly recommended ABBA Trading Point "This is the place to sell, buy, swap and trade for items like CDs, vinyls, promos, singles, autographs, magazines, newspapers, videos, DVDs, books, box sets, photos and much more. Pay a visit and see if there's something you want to buy - or put an advertisment for something you want to sell or something you want badly!"
ABBA Trading Point
  abbatributebands : Abba Tribute Bands Yahoo! Group.
  Abba Treasures Book by Elisabeth Vincentelli (2010). In Danish.
  ABBA Treasures | Facebook Book by Elisabeth Vincentelli (2010). In Danish.
  ABBA Tribute Bands Bashing Site
  Abba | TuneWiki Discography, lyrics.
  ABBA Turkey | Facebook
  ABBA - TV.com Biography, credits, reviews, trivia & quotes, forum. On TV.com.
Worth a look          ABBA TV SONGS CLIPS  - HOME mohamed, Algeria. Blog.
  ABBA Un clásico de siempre | Facebook In Spanish.
  Abba - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia Parody history.
Worth a look ABBA Une légende nordique Book by Jean-Marie Potiez. In French.
Worth a look ABBA - UNIQUEABBA Diego, UK. Blog offering unofficial merchandise.
  ABBA-UNITED "forum for talking, discussing and having fun...and for finding whatever new there is about abba and their members".
  Abba | Universal Music Videos. 
Dud site =ABBA= - UOL Blog Pictures, links.
  ~*~*A*B*B*A*~*~ - UOL Fotoblog Picture gallery. In Portuguese.
Worth a look ABBAupdate Bobby, USA. Pictures, gossip, news blog.
  ABBA Varia : The ABBA Coverversions List of covers of ABBA songs.
  Abba verzamelgids, abba,muziek Links. In Dutch.


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