i ♥ ABBA songs!!! | Facebook
  I ♥ Agnetha | Facebook
  I also have a song that makes me realize I will never stop loving ABBA. | Facebook
  iambic productions limited Producers of ABBA documentaries The Winner Takes It All - The ABBA Story, Super Troupers - 30 Years of ABBA, ABBA's All Time Greatest Hits, Thank You For The Music. 
Essential site icethesite - Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus news site Ice, UK. News, information and much more.
icethesite - Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus news site
  iClassics Has released the soundtrack CDs to the musicals Chess and Mamma Mia! in the USA.
  Icon - Greatest Hits Universal Music compilation CD series, including ABBA.
  I hate ABBA !!! | Facebook
Highly recommended I LET THE MUSIC SPEAK ABBA in Germany. Ursula, Germany. German chart information, TV chronology, German tour dates, German recordings. In German and English.
  i love abba | Facebook
  I love ABBA | Facebook
  I Love ABBA | Facebook
  I love ABBA and I am not afraid to admit it! | Facebook
  I love the Mamma Mia broadway show!!!! | Facebook
  I Love That Song Universal Chronicles, USA.
  index Frida Shine Regina, Thomas, Angela and Eveline. Information about the FRIDASHINE Yahoo! Group. Frida biography, timeline, picture galleries.
  Index of /tabs/int/A/Abba Lyrics, guitar tabs.
  In fine style / Art direction & design Designed artwork for various ABBA CD and DVD re-releases 2001-2006.
Highly recommended International ABBA Magazine - Intermezzo Regina, Germany. Magazine information, ABBA news, picture gallery, ABBA history, Stockholm guide. In English and German versions.
International ABBA Magazine - Intermezzo
  iPatrick Blake - ABBA Australia. Fan tribute, "My ABBA Story". 
Highly recommended The Italian site of the ABBA Mario, Italy. Downloads, links, video, galleria, storia, libri (bibliography), discographia. In Italian.
Worth a look Izumi's Web Pages for ABBA Real Player movie, WAV files, albums, biography, links. In Japanese. Japanese pages may come out as gibberish on computers that don't support Japanese characters.

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