Warner Music Sweden Released Agnetha's albums I Stand Alone and My Colouring Book. In Swedish.
  Waterloo - The Abba Show from Australia.
  Waterloo - the band Tribute band from Sweden.
  we7 - Listen to Abba Music Free
  Welcome@My Angeleyes4friends ABBA-space! | A personal FAN blog. Karin, Netherlands. Blog.
  WELCOME :: ABBA FANS TO MY ABBA SITE Biographies, Eurovision 1974, discography.
  Welcome :: John Cameron British songwriter/arranger. Wrote Agnetha's 2004 single If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind.
Essential site Welcome to ABBA The Museum Official website.
  Welcome to the MAMMA MIA! Fan Club
  Welcome to The Official International Tomas Ledin Website. Swedish singer who performed on ABBA's 1979/1980 tour, recorded the duet Never Again with Agnetha and wrote songs for Frida and Agnetha's post-ABBA albums.
  WELCOME TO THE UN-OFFICIAL ABBASITE :: WE LOVE ABBA ! ! Sam, UK. News, links, blog, chat room, pictures.
  We Love Abba | Facebook
  We love ABBA | Facebook
  We want #ABBAWorldnoBrasil | Facebook 
  We Want ABBA to Reunite!! | Facebook
  What's your favourite ABBA song? | Facebook
  What's your favourite Agnetha song? | Facebook
  When All Is Said And Done | Facebook
  When I kissed the teacher | Facebook
  When all is said and done - Could ABBA have survived the Eighties? | By Steve Jacks | Blurb Book (2011).
  When all is said and done the mucky ducks fan cub Connection between the Mucky Ducks, an oceanic investigation team, and ABBA music
  Which band would you like to see reunite? - MUSIC - MSNBC.com
  White Baptist ABBA Fan Information about this Australian play.
  Who are you Frida or Agnetha? | Facebook
  Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog By The Top-Hat Carriers Album by this band from Israel.
  Willkommen bei Dan Daniell - Chez Heini - Zermatt - Matterhorn Frida recorded a duet single 'Liebe Gott'/'I Have A Dream' with this Swiss restaurateur and entertainer in 2003. In German, English and French.
  The World DESERVES an ABBA reunion! | Facebook
  WorldMusicDatabase | PROFILE: ABBA Information, trivia, discography. Also links to individual members, related artists.
  World Of Kitsch | Music | ABBA Biography, discography.
  www.abbafreak.com Asif Syed's ABBA Tribute Site! Biography, discography, history, facts, quotes, quiz.
Highly recommended www.abba-info.de News, fan club. In German.
Dud site www.ABBASITE4EVER.CO.UK :: Index Forum.
Highly recommended www.agnetha-forever.de "yet another Agnetha Fältskog fan-site". Johnny, Germany. Fan tribute, articles, lyrics translations. In Swedish, English and German versions.
  www.abbajustlikethat.comyr.com • Index page Forum.

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