ABBA Biography. On - _Classic Bands - classicbands.com_.
  ABBA Biography, on Factoidz.
Dud site ABBA Biography. On Musica,mp3, cine, humor, ocio y cultura : CANAL OK. In Spanish.
Dud site ABBA Biography. On Rock Revolution.
  ABBA Biography. On The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation - Dedicated to Honoring the Greatest Vocal Groups of The World.. ABBA were inducted in September 2002.
  ABBA Biography. On Universal Music France.
  ABBA Biography, articles. Part of La Gang d'IRC. In French.
Worth a look ABBA Biographies, discographies, photo galleries. This site is in German.
  ABBA Biographies, discography, lyrics, forum. In Polish.
  ABBA Biography, discography, lyrics, pictures and more. Part of Sing 365 site.
  Abba Biography, discography, history. In Spanish.
  ABBA Biography, links to buy ABBA CDs. On Rock N Roll Music Golden Oldies
  ABBA Biography, pictures. In Dutch and English.
  ABBA Dave, UK. Biographies, discography, pictures, trivia, blog.
  ABBA Discography, brief biographies. On NNDB: Tracking the entire world,
  ABBA Erika, Sweden. Biographies, midi, lyrics, photos. In Swedish.
  ABBA on Fact Index. Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
  ABBA - Anni Frid Lyngstad Biographies of all four ABBA members. In Spanish.
Essential site ABBA Annual Trijnie, Netherlands. Day by day history of ABBA events from 1970 to 1982, plus Dutch chart positions.
ABBA Annual
  ABBA - AOL Music Biography, discography, download music.
  ABBA | Artist Biography, Music Videos, News, Photos | MTV Australia
  ABBA - Artistopia Music Biography, discography, news, photos, links,
  ABBA band Links to music videos, pictures, biography, websites, concerts, albums, DVDs, news, songs. On
  ABBA Before ABBA Geoff, UK. Biographies, links. Part of the Eurovision Database.
  ABBA Biography Morten, Denmark. Biography, discography, chart information.
  Abba - Biographie, filmographie, forum, sites de fans... In French.
  ABBA Biography -
  ABBA - Biography, Discography and Information @ CD Quest Music USA. Biography, Discography, ABBA and solo CDs for sale.
Dud site Abba: biography, discography, reviews, links Pierro, Italy. From The History of Rock Music. In Italian and English.
  Abba - Biography, pictures, latest news, horoscope, lyrics, photo gallery, links at
  Abba Bio Lyrics Songs By Artist Lyrics Songs 80s Abba
  ABBA Blog Fabián, Mexico. Monthly article, weekly polls and videos, news, ABBA history. In Spanish and English versions.
  ABBA - Definition Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information. On Dictionary, Reference and Defintion of Words at
Highly recommended ABBA - die deutsche Seite Alain Germany. News, alben (discography), biography, media (photos, songs, videos), shop, Bravo (vintage magazine articles), forum. In German.
  Abba, discos, letras, biografia, fotos, canciones, música y videos de Abba Discography, biography, lyrics, pictures. In Spanish.
  Abba - Biography, links to individual members information, discography, lyrics and music videos, posters, ringtones, buy music online.
  ABBA - Biography. Also links to individual members and other information.
Worth a look ABBA EL SITIO CHILENO Andres, Chile. News, biographies, Chilean discography, Spanish lyrics, quiz, "friends of ABBA", In Spanish.
  Abba - encyclopedia article about Abba. Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
Highly recommended ABBA en México/ GDL ( Guadalajara ) Gus & Bogart, Mexico. News, biographies, chronology, musicals, Mexican discography. In Spanish and English.
Highly recommended The ABBA Experience Vince, UK. Biographies, photo galleries, Eurovision, ABBA - The Movie, Mamma Mia!.
Tune in today to The ABBA Experience
Essential site The ABBA Express Paul, UK. Albums, lyrics, videos, biography, downloads, games, fans (stories), links.
The ABBA Express
Dud site Biography, forum. In English and Dutch.
  ABBA Fan Seite Alles über Abba Agnetha Frida Benny Björn ABBA Forever. Dana, Germany. Biography, pictures, collection, cartoon, video clips, lyrics. In German and English versions.
  ABBA FOREVER . net Croatian Fun Club. Biographies, discography, forum. In Croatian.
  ABBA Heaven Emma, UK. Biographies, discography, picture gallery, lyrics, Frida shrine. Under construction.
Highly recommended ABBA в Україні / ABBA in Ukraine Ted, Ukraine. History, discography, lyrics (in 6 languages), picture galleries, MP3, wallpapers and skins. In Ukrainian.
Cторінка гурту ABBA в Україні
Cторінка гурту ABBA в Україні
  ABBA: Information From Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
  ABBA information - Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
Highly recommended ABBA - Just Like That! Chad, USA. Biography, trivia, discography, lyrics, picture galleries, wallpapers.
ABBA - Just Like That!
Worth a look ABBA La Légende Jean-Marie Potiez in France. A look inside the book, reviews. In French.
Worth a look ABBA-ЛЕГЕНДА ВЕКА! (Legend of the Century!) Pictures, biography, lyrics, chatroom, forum. In Russian.
  ABBAMANIA Rob, UK. Biographies, discography, bootlegs, history, photo gallery, rarities.
Dud site Abba - MSN Encarta Brief biography.
  Abba (music) Biography. On Tiscali UK.
  ABBA | Music Artist, Videos, Photos, News, Ringtones, Album and Movie Info |
  ABBA Music Guide - WikiMusicGuide, the Music Wiki Biography, discography, trivia.
  Abba - Musicisti anni 70 Biography. From Pagine 70. In Italian.
  ABBA | Music Videos, News, Photos, Tour Dates, Ringtones, and Lyrics | MTV
Highly recommended ABBA Net News, biography, discographies, picture galleries, articles, forum, In Russian.
  ABBA - News, Interviews, Biography, Lyrics, Songs, Clips, Videos, Albums, Tickets, Links, Photos, Credits, Free Music Downloads - ARTISTdirect Music on Artist Direct.
  ABBA - news, reviews, biography, video, youtube videos, discography, books, DVDs, concerts, gossip, pictures and tour dates on NME.COM - The world's fastest music news service, music videos, interviews, photos and free stuff to win.
Highly recommended ABBAntologiABBA Fabian, Chile. Biography, discography, videography, trivia, photo gallery, quiz, forum. In Spanish.
Highly recommended ABBAntologiABBA | Fabián, Chile. History, biography, discography, lyrics, videography, bibliography, chronology, galleries. In Spanish.
  Abba on Yahoo! Music Biography, discography, news.
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  ABBA - Polydor Biography, discography @ I Love That Song.
  ABBA Renditions, ABBA Music, ABBA Videos, ABBA CD, ABBA Photos, ABBA Songs, Tour Dates, and Biography -
  Abba | Rolling Stone Music Biography.
Dud site ABBA's Aussie Connection Aussie Salmon. Biographies, discography.
  ABBA - Seventies Music at Randy's Rodeo Biography, essential albums and songs listings. 
  ABBA | Rokpool - The Ultimate Rock & Pop Music Archive Biography, on Rokpool | The Ultimate Rock & Pop Music Archive.
Dud site ABBA Site Biographies, discography, picture galleries, quotes.
  the-abba-site Biographies, picture galleries, discography.
  Abba Story - Abba's discography, news, songs, lyrics, photos and more on the greatest Swedish band ! "The very best of Abba including all news, lyrics, songs, albums, photos, links and resources. Browse the complete discography of the greatest Swedish band... ever !"
  ABBA - Biography, discography. In Swedish.
  ABBA (sur le Pipazor's Web) Biographies, discography, music files, lyrics, picture gallery. In French and English versions.
Worth a look ABBA: The Book Jean-Marie Potiez in France. A look inside the book, reviews, readers comments. Published by Aurum Press Ltd.
  ABBA - THE JOURNEY - Agnetha - Benny - Bjorn - Frida Giuseppe, Italy. Biographies, discographies, lyrics, Agnetha and Frida solo discographies.
  Abba - The Memorable Music Hall of Fame Biography.
Essential site ABBA | The official site Store, story, the albums. Maintained by Universal Music Sweden.
ABBA | The official site
  ABBA - The Unofficial Website Moar, Israel. Biographies, discography, downloads.
  ABBA Tickets - ABBA Concert Tickets - ABBA Biography.
  ABBA - Biography, credits, reviews, trivia & quotes, forum. On
Worth a look ABBA WEBSITE Olli-Pekka, Finland. Biographies, discography, picture gallery, lyrics.
Essential site ABBA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Biography, discography, trivia, links to other related articles. Also in 59 other languages.
Worth a look About abba Yoji, Japan. Brief biography, ABBA in Japan. This site has English and Japanese versions.
  Agnetha Faltskog "The Goddess of Glam". Adriana, Australia. Biography.
  Agnetha Fältskog Biography, discography, photo galleries. This site is in German.
Worth a look Agnetha Fältskog Marcello, Germany. Calender, biography, gallery, discography. In German.
  Agnetha Faltskog .net - Biography, Picture, Videos, & Quotes Cathal.
  Agnetha Fältskog rajongói oldal Biography, picture galleries, In Hungarian.
Agnetha Fältskog rajongói oldal
  AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - THE QUEEN OF HEARTS News, Biography, Discography. In German, English, Swedish versions.
  Agnetha Fältskog - The Site Nadja, Brazil. Biography, discography, downloads, picture gallery, news. In Brazilian Portuguese.
Essential site Lynn, USA. "This page covers Agnetha's life from being a young girl in Jönköping up to the present time. There is a discography, translations, sound clips, biography, photo gallery, inks and more."
Essential site Agnetha Then and Now Pam, USA. "A photo biography throughout her life".
Agnetha Then and Now
Highly recommended all ABBA - A Complete and Useful Resource about ABBA "The first Arabic website for ABBA". Biography, lyrics, other artists who sang ABBA songs, blog, downloadable ringtones and themes. In English and Arabic versions.
  All About ABBA Simon, Netherlands. Lyrics, biography, photos, forum.
  allmusic ((( ABBA > Overview ))) Biographies, discography, reviews.
  A Magyar Frida Oldal Biography, picture galleries, interviews, discography. In Hungarian, with some pages in English.
  Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad Freya. Biography, discography, photo gallery. 
  Astrid-d-g | ABBA: ABBA, tijdloos muziekwonder Astrid, Netherlands. Biographies of ABBA and the four members. In Dutch.
Dud site Astrologie et Généalogie ABBA biographies. In French and English versions.
Worth a look Auf Den Spuren Von ABBA Biographies, Discographies, Lyrics in German translation, Essays. In German.
Auf Den Spuren Von ABBA
  BBC - Music - ABBA Biography, discography, recommended listening and reading, audio and video.
Worth a look BBC - Top Of The Pops - Starsite - ABBA Biography, videoclips, audioclips, wallpaper.
BBC - Top Of The Pops - Starsite - ABBA
  Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus Åsa, Sweden. Biographies, details of their musicals.
Worth a look Benny's Place Bill, USA. Biography, fan tribute to Benny.
Worth a look Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus Then and Now Pam, USA. Biographies in pictures.
Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus Then and Now
  Bernhard - The Person: ABBA Bernhard, UK. Biography.
  biografiktion — BIOGRAFIKTION #3 Abba Biographical-fictional comic book.
  Biography - Episode Guide ABBA.
  Biography of Abba On Essortment Articles: Free Online Articles on Health, Science, Education & More...
Essential site Carl Magnus Author of several acclaimed books on ABBA, CD and DVD liners notes. Includes background information on his many ABBA projects.
Carl Magnus
  DANCING QUEEN, FERNANDO, SOS, WATERLOO & OTHERS – ABBA Biography. On Reviews from Epinions.
  Disco Profiles - Abba Biography, discography.
  Entertainment - ABBA Biography, news, discography, gallery, forum.
Highly recommended Frida Brasil | Home: Bem-vindo! Alexandre, Brazil. Biography, discography, on tour, television and video clips, news. In Brazilian Portuguese.
Highly recommended Frida Online Christina, Denmark. Tribute, bio, music, gallery, words.
  Frida Web - Homepage Biography, discography, picture gallery.
Frida Lyngstad Web
  Frida - Biography, fan tribute. In Danish.
  Harmonie's Music Studio - 25 Years Of ABBA History.
Highly recommended Hep Stars Hemsida Karl Dan (ABBAVÄN), USA. Hep Stars and Svenne & Lotta biographies, discographies, chart positions, lyrics.
Essential site T h e H e p S t a r s - Officiell Webbsida - Sveriges populäraste popgrupp på sextiotalet Swedens biggest popgroup in the sixties. Benny was a member of this group 1964-1969. History, discography, chart information, gallery, forum. In Swedish and English versions.
  Igor Belyakov's ABBA Pages From Russia. Lyrics, discography, biographies.
  iMusic Contemporary Showcase - ABBA Biography, ABBA CDs available.
Highly recommended The Italian site of the ABBA Mario, Italy. Downloads, links, video, galleria, storia, libri (bibliography), discographia. In Italian.
Worth a look Izumi's Web Pages for ABBA Real Player movie, WAV files, albums, biography, links. In Japanese. Japanese pages may come out as gibberish on computers that don't support Japanese characters.
Worth a look Joking Samurai's ABBA Page George, Japan. Biographies, reviews of B & B in Shanghai, links. This site is mostly in Japanese, with the introduction and links pages mostly in English. Japanese pages may come out as gibberish on computers that don't support Japanese characters.
  Kids_Net_Au - Encyclopedia  ABBA Brief biography, discography, aimed at children.
Dud site | ABBA Brief biography, discography, links. In German.
  Lyngstad Anni-Fried Switzerland Biography. On Switzerland residency immigration banking Swiss bank account information.
Highly recommended Magyar ABBA Oldal (Hungarian ABBA Site) Bogi, Hungary. Biographies, discography, lyrics, picture gallery. In Hungarian.
Magyar ABBA Oldal
  Morsayo presenta present ABBA'S PAGE Eduardo, Mexico. Wiki, history, biographies, discography, curiosities, lyrics, gallery, videos, The Movie. In Spanish and English.
  Music-Atlas - Artist - ABBA Biography.
  Music Blog of abba-officiel - Blog, biographies, lyrics. In French. - Abba - Biografie In German.
  MusicMoz - Bands and Artists: A: ABBA Biography, discography, links.
  My ABBA Site :: Note to ABBA: please reunite!!!! Biography, discography. "Unofficial Site Of ABBA". Biographies, lyrics, music files, picture galleries. In Russian.
Essential site The Official International ABBA Fan Club Based in the Netherlands. Fan club and magazine information, ABBA news, biographies, annual International ABBA Day, merchandise. In English, with some information in Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
Snail mail:
PO Box 3079 4700 AB Roosendaal
The Official International ABBA Fan Club
  OH! MY ABBA! Biography, discography, diary, bulletin board. In Japanese.
Highly recommended Oriental ABBAland Murakami, Japan. Biographies, Japanese discography, Japanese fan club information, links, Japanese e-mail list. In English and Japanese versions.
  The Philly Wire: ABBA Biography, discography, trivia, charts, links to separate pages about the ABBA members and other ABBA-related information.
  The Royal Forums » Anni-Frid Lyngstad: from ABBA Pop Star to Princess Biography. : VIP-Gästebuch Biography of Frida. In German.
  Stránka ABBA Jaroslav, Czech republic. Biography, lyrics, songlist, pictures. In Czech and English versions.
  Summer Night City - The ABBA Website Biographies, discography, picture gallery, interviews, stories, personal record collection, trading board.
  Tommy Klangs ABBA-sida Tommy, Sweden. Biographies, Agnetha tribute, links. In Swedish and English versions.
Worth a look Union Songs Marlene, Netherlands. The history and work of Björn and Benny. - Artist Profile for ABBA
  ..:: Välkommen till Marias ABBAsida! ::.. Maria, Sweden. Biographies. In Swedish, with some English.
  WELCOME :: ABBA FANS TO MY ABBA SITE Biographies, Eurovision 1974, discography.
  World Of Kitsch | Music | ABBA Biography, discography. Asif Syed's ABBA Tribute Site! Biography, discography, history, facts, quotes, quiz. - Die ZDF-Kultnacht mit ABBA Biographies, bibliography and discography, video clips. Part of ZDF. In German.

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