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  Abba Story - Abba's discography, news, songs, lyrics, photos and more on the greatest Swedish band ! "The very best of Abba including all news, lyrics, songs, albums, photos, links and resources. Browse the complete discography of the greatest Swedish band... ever !"
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  ABBA Treasures | Facebook Book by Elisabeth Vincentelli (2010). In Danish.
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  ABBA Webmasters Mailing List Andrew, UK and Deanna, Australia. Site of mailing list for ABBA site owners. Includes tips for creating websites.
  The ABBA Wonder| ::..Bulletin board of The Czech ABBA FanClub..:: In Czech.
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  agnetha_faltskog : Agnetha Yahoo! Group.
  agnethafaltskog : A mailing list for Agnetha fans all over the world who appreciate her early musical career in Sweden, her work with ABBA, her s Yahoo! Group.
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  agnethafaltskogcolouringbook : AgnethaFaltskogColouringBook Yahoo! group.
  Agnetha Faltskog on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Fan site.
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  Agnetha Fältskog | Facebook
  Agnetha Fältskog | Facebook.
  Agnetha Fältskog [ ABBA ] on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Fan site.
  Agnetha Fältskog: Eyes Of A Woman | Facebook
  Agnetha Fältskog: I Stand Alone | Facebook
  | Agnetha Fältskog - My Colouring Book | | Facebook
  Agnetha Fältskog: Wrap Your Arms Around Me | Facebook
Essential site agnethaofficial (agnethaofficial) on Twitter The official Twitter page for Agnetha.
Essential site Agnetha Official | Facebook Official page.
  Agnetha Åse Fältskog Italian Fan Club | Facebook 
  Alle liker ABBA, ikke sant? | Facebook In Norwegian. Newsgroup for downloading pictures. The discussion newsgroup.
  Anni-Frid 'Frida' Lyngstad (ex ABBA-member) | Facebook
  Anni-frid 'Frida' of Abba | Facebook
  Anni-Frid Lyngstad | Facebook
  Anni-Frid Lyngstad | Facebook Page for Frida fans.
  Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) | Facebook
  Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) Scrapbook | Facebook
  Anni-Frid Lyngstad's Hair (Frida from ABBA) Fan Page | Facebook
  Anni-Frid Reuss aka Frida | Facebook
  Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad | Facebook
  annifrid : To meet Anni-Frid fans and ABBA fans Yahoo! Group.
  Are you an ABBA Fan?? | Facebook
  BAO Appreciation society | Facebook Benny Anderssons Orkester.
  BAO - Benny Anderssons Orkester | Facebook.
  BAO - Benny Anderssons Orkester | Facebook Official profile. In Swedish.
  Bao | Facebook Benny Anderssons Orkester.
  Benny & Bjorn The Greatest Songwriters Ever | Facebook
  Benny Andersson | Facebook
  Benny Andersson | Facebook fan page.
  Benny Andersson | Facebook Purports to be Benny's personal profile, but is a fan page.
  Benny Andersson on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Fan site, purports to be Benny's personal profile.
  Benny Bror Göran Andersson | Facebook
  Björn Ulvaeus & Agnetha Fältskog -The Perfect Couple- | Facebook
  Bjorn Ulvaeus | Facebook fan page.
  Björn Ulvaeus on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Fan site.
Dud site BODY MASSAGE!!! | Facebook (was I Love Abba)
Highly recommended Bookmarks & Buttons Anjo, Netherlands. Photo galleries, collection, history, forum. In Dutch and English versions.
  Brisbane ABBA Fans | Facebook
  But seriously who dosen't like Abba | Facebook 
  Chess (the Musical) | Facebook
  Chess - The musical | Facebook
  Chess - The Musical | Facebook
  clubandante : Club Andante Yahoo! Group in Spanish.
  "CLUB ANDANTE" Reunion de fanaticos latinos del grupo sueco ABBA | Facebook In Spanish.
  Daum 카페 | ABBA사랑 ABBA Fan Club In Korea. In Korean.
  DIE HARD ABBA FANS!!!!! | Facebook
  Djupa Andetag Frida fan forum.
  Djupa Andetag - Frida Lyngstad | Facebook Discussion forum for fans of Benny & Björn's musical Kristina från Duvemåla. In Swedish.
  Entertainment - ABBA Biography, news, discography, gallery, forum.
  fansdefrida : ANNI - FRID LYNGSTAD ( FRIDA) Yahoo! Group. In Spanish.
  Fans del grupo ABBA | Facebook In Spanish.
Worth a look Fans of ABBA | Facebook
Dud site Fans of Free Sweet Rewards | Facebook (was It can't just be me who wants an ABBA comeback, can it?)
  For those who love Jonathan Casper & Ludvig Andersson ♥ ♥ | Facebook Fans of Frida's grandson and Benny's son.
  for those who want the ABBA back together | Facebook
  (Frida) Anni-Frid Lyngstad ABBA ? Something's Going On | Facebook
  FRIDA | Facebook Page for Frida fans.
  The Frida :yngstad Experience | Facebook
  fridaafanclub : Frida a Fan Club - A fan club for those who admire Frida. Yahoo! Group.
  Frida (Anni-Frid Lyngstad) Review | Facebook Frida Lyngstad Italian Fanclub "A little blog dedicated to Frida. You can see a vast discography full of photos and browse media files. You can give a comment to any discussion, video, song.". In Italian.
  Frida - Heart of the country ♥ | Facebook Tribute to Frida's 1984 song.
  Frida Lyngstad (Official Anni-Frid's FB) | Facebook Unofficial page. 
  Frida Lyngstad on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Fan site.
  Frida Lyngstad on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Fan site, purports to be Frida's personal profile.
  FRIDASHINE : A group for all FRIDA and ABBA Fans Yahoo! Group. 
Dud site Gary Kirchher's ABBA Links Critique of various ABBA on-line forums.
  gagayabbafans : A list for all those gay guys out there who are fans of Abba. Yahoo! Group.
  Get "Take A Chance On Me" to #1 2010 | Facebook
  Gimme Gimme Gimme ABBA Show - 2XX FM 98.3 | Facebook weekly ABBA radio show, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
  The Girl With The golden Hair (Agnetha Fältskog) | Facebook
Highly recommended Glory ABBA Days Roland, Netherlands. Gallery of personal artworks, meetings with ABBA members. 
  Gonna Sing You My Love Song & I Let The Music Speak | Facebook
  Google Groups - ABBA Links to discussion groups.
  Goths Who Love ABBA | Facebook
  Gracias Por La Musica Silly piece about ABBA's Spanish album, with Real Audio files of some songs. Visitors can leave comments. Part of Frank's Vinyl Museum.
  "Gracias Por La Música!" ABBA Radio Show | Facebook In Spanish.
  the_grand_abba_group : The Grand ABBA Group Yahoo! Group.
  groupABBA : ABBA: The Group Yahoo! Group.
  Help Us Meet Agnetha Fältskog | Facebook
  Help us meet Anni Frid Reuss (Lyngstad) | Facebook
Essential site T h e H e p S t a r s - Officiell Webbsida - Sveriges populäraste popgrupp på sextiotalet Swedens biggest popgroup in the sixties. Benny was a member of this group 1964-1969. History, discography, chart information, gallery, forum. In Swedish and English versions.
  Hotel Rival | Facebook Stockholm hotel owned by Benny Andersson. Fan forum.
  i ♥ ABBA songs!!! | Facebook
  I ♥ Agnetha | Facebook
  I also have a song that makes me realize I will never stop loving ABBA. | Facebook
  I hate ABBA !!! | Facebook
  i love abba | Facebook
  I love ABBA | Facebook
  I Love ABBA | Facebook
  I love ABBA and I am not afraid to admit it! | Facebook
  I love the Mamma Mia broadway show!!!! | Facebook
  index Frida Shine Regina, Thomas, Angela and Eveline. Information about the FRIDASHINE Yahoo! Group. Frida biography, timeline, picture galleries.
  Just A Notion - The Unreleased ABBA Gem from 1978.. | Facebook 
  Just Like That - The Unreleased ABBA Classic. | Facebook
  Kristina fran Duvemala | Facebook.
  KristinafranDuevemala : A newsgroup developed as a place for fans of the triumphant hit musical, Kristian fran Duvemala. Yahoo! Group.
  Kristina från Duvemåla (officiell sida) | Facebook In Swedish.
  kristina-list : Kristina från Duvemåla (Swedish musical) Yahoo! Group for fans of Benny and Björn's musical Kristina från Duvelmåla.
  La pagina più bella per i fan degli ABBA | Facebook In Italian.
  Le frasi degli ABBA | Facebook In Italian.
  Lets get ABBA's 'Happy New Year' to Number 1 on New Years Day!!! | Facebook
Dud site letthewholeworldbeunited6 : LET THE WHOLE WORLD BE UNITED 6 - &quot;devoted to ABBA&quot; Yahoo! Group.
  little white secrets An Agnetha Fältskog Forum.
little white secrets An Agnetha Fältskog Forum
  LONG LIVE ABBA | Facebook
  Magyar ABBA Oldal (Hungarian ABBA Site) | Facebook In Hungarian.
  MAGYAR ABBA RAJONGÓK FÓRUMA :: Index Fan forum. In Hungarian.
  MAMMA MIA :: Australia | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! Brasil | Facebook
  MAMMA MIA! | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! | Facebook Italian production. In Italian.
  Mamma Mia! Fans | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! Fans Home | Social Networking: Photos, Videos, Blogs | Mamma Mia! Fans Official movie fan site.
  MAMMA MIA! København | Facebook In Danish.
  Mamma Mia London Fan forum.
  『マンマ・ミーア!Mammamia!』 OFFICIAL Site JAPAN(FB version) In Japanese.
  MAMMA MIA! North America | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! Only the Best People Love ABBA | Facebook
  Mamma Mia Posters | Facebook
  Mamma-Mia South Africa | Facebook
  Mamma Mia The Movie | Facebook
  MAMMA MIA - The Movie fanclub | Facebook
  Mamma mia! the movie - Fan forum. In Dutch.
  MAMMA MIA! – The Worlds Longest Conga Line
  Members of | Facebook
  ME TIENE LLENO ABBA | Facebook In Spanish.
  Mikory My ABBA Blog | Facebook
  Moopy - ABBA forum.
  More ABBA Gold - The Unofficial Website Kristian, Australia. Gallery, lyrics, message board, MIDIs and song by song synopsis. 
  MovieWeb Forums :: View topic - ABBA: The Movie
Highly recommended Mundo ABBA | Facebook Weekly internet radio show from Mexico. In Spanish and English.
  Music - ABBA | Facebook
  mycolouringbook : My Colouring Book Yahoo! group for Agnetha fans.
  MY OFFICIAL AGNETHA FALTSKOG FANCLUB | Facebook - ABBA Fans MySpace group. - ABBA GOLD MySpace group. - ABBA Mania! MySpace group. - ABBA Thank You For The Music MySpace group. - Agnetha Faltskog - 58 - Female - SE - Purports to be Agnetha's own profile, but is not. - Anni-Frid - 62 - Female - - Fan site, purports to be Frida's personal profile.
Dud site - Björn - 62 - Male - - Fan site, purports to be Björn's personal profile.
Highly recommended - Chasing ABBA Fan Search - 99 - Male - LAKELAND, Florida -
Chasing ABBA Fan Search - Frida - 62 - Female - NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Fan site.
  The New ABBA Generation | Facebook
  THENEWONLINEAGENTHAFALTSKOGONLINEFANCLUB : come here if you like Agnetha and ABBA Yahoo! Group.
  Nobody in pop music had more beautiful legs than Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA | Facebook
  Noi ABBA-che... | Facebook In Italian.
  NON NE ABBIAMO MAI ABBA-STANZA. | Facebook In Italian.
  The Official International Agnetha Fältskog Fan Club | Facebook
  The Offical Anni-Frid Reuss aka Frida Facebook Group | Facebook
Highly recommended The Official International ABBA Fan Club | Facebook
  OH! MY ABBA! Biography, discography, diary, bulletin board. In Japanese.
Highly recommended Oriental ABBAland Murakami, Japan. Biographies, Japanese discography, Japanese fan club information, links, Japanese e-mail list. In English and Japanese versions.
  Our Last Summer of ABBA songs ... one of the most beautiful | Facebook
  ozabba : Oz ABBA Yahoo! Group. "A newsletter for Australian ABBA fans of the latest ABBA news in Australia. News, new releases, TV and radio shows, fan events and more."
  people need love : the ABBA fanlisting Fan forum.
  Polar Music Appreciation Society | Facebook
  Polar Music Prize | Facebook Annual music prize founded by Stig Anderson.
  quelli dell'ABBA DAY !!!!! | Facebook In Italian.
  Radio Super Trouper | Facebook
Worth a look rare_abba : Rare ABBA items Yahoo! group for sharing rare ABBA records.
  A REAL ABBA FAN= You know all of ABBA's songs not just the popular ones! | Facebook
  SingStar ABBA | Facebook
  Stig Anderson, the manager of ABBA | Facebook
  Summer Night City | Facebook
  The super Trooper, AbbA 4 ever | Facebook
  Super Trouper! | Facebook
  super_troupers : Super_Troupers Yahoo! group. In Spanish.
  thank-abba-for-the-music <mamabba> Bebo profile.
  Tommy Körberg Page | Facebook Swedish singer, star of Benny and Björn's musical Chess, member of Benny Anderssons Orkester.
  Touring Exhibitions (ABBAworld) on Twitter Formerly ABBA the Museum.
  The True ABBA Fans!!! | Facebook Lebanon.
  urFANtastic ABBA fan's club.
  "The Visitors" is the best ABBA album. | Facebook
  thevisitors : The Visitors Yahoo! Group. "this is a group for fans from Stockholm, from Sweden and from the world over who frequent or visit Stockholm and enjoy meeting up with other fans here, whether for special ABBA related events or simply while vacationing in Stockholm."
Dud site VP ABBA CHAT!!! Under construction.
  Welcome to the MAMMA MIA! Fan Club
  WELCOME TO THE UN-OFFICIAL ABBASITE :: WE LOVE ABBA ! ! Sam, UK. News, links, blog, chat room, pictures.
  We Love Abba | Facebook
  We love ABBA | Facebook
  We want #ABBAWorldnoBrasil | Facebook 
  We Want ABBA to Reunite!! | Facebook
  What's your favourite ABBA song? | Facebook
  What's your favourite Agnetha song? | Facebook
  When All Is Said And Done | Facebook
  When I kissed the teacher | Facebook
  Who are you Frida or Agnetha? | Facebook
  The World DESERVES an ABBA reunion! | Facebook
Dud site www.ABBASITE4EVER.CO.UK :: Index Forum. • Index page Forum.
  Yahoo! Groups - ABBA Lists all ABBA-related Yahoo! Groups forums.
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  Yes, Im a teen who loves ABBA | Facebook
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