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  Briggen Teater Producers of Kristina från Duvemåla, Chess and Mamma Mia! in Sweden, owned by Benny, Björn and Görel Hanser. In Swedish.
Briggen Teaterproduktion
  Broadway Across America US tour of MAMMA MIA! the musical based on the songs of ABBA.
  Cast Of Mamma Mia The Movie : CD : Mamma Mia!
  DAINTY CONSOLIDATED ENTERTAINMENT Promoters of the Australian production of the musical Mamma Mia! (and coincidently the promoters of ABBA's 1977 concert tour).
  The day before you came "A blog about ABBA,Frida,Meryl Streep and MM!". Dalia.
  Delfont-Macintosh Owners of the Prince Edward Theatre, London home of Chess and Mamma Mia!, and Prince of Wales Theatre, home of Mamma Mia! since 2004.
  Der offizielle MAMMA MIA! Fanclub Germany. In German.
  Dewynters Design company based in the UK. Created artwork for the musicals Chess and Mamma Mia!.
Essential site Elmari ABBA lehekülg (Elmar's ABBA Site) Elmar, Estonia. ABBA, Hep Stars, Hootenanny Singers and solo discographies, plus the complete Polar Music discography 1960-1988, personal collection. In Estonian (with English glossary).
Elmari ABBA lehekülg
  Elokuvan Mamma Mia viralliset nettisivut - Kesä 2008 Movie site for Finland. In Finnish.
  The First Fan Website For MAMMA MIA! On Broadway Fan tribute to the musical featuring the songs of ABBA.
  Forsiden - Mamma Mia Norway, in Norwegian.
  The Grand Tour Online Photo Album Ian, Australia. Australian ABBA fans visit Europe for the ABBA Day in Roosendaal and the Mamma Mia! premiere in London, March/April 1999.
  iambic productions limited Producers of ABBA documentaries The Winner Takes It All - The ABBA Story, Super Troupers - 30 Years of ABBA, ABBA's All Time Greatest Hits, Thank You For The Music. 
Essential site icethesite - Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus news site Ice, UK. News, information and much more.
icethesite - Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus news site
  iClassics Has released the soundtrack CDs to the musicals Chess and Mamma Mia! in the USA.
  - Jam Theatricals  Show Details for Mamma Mia! - North American tour of the stage musical based on the songs of ABBA.
  Mamma Mia Belgian site for International Tour. In Dutch.
  Mamma Mia Official movie site, Israel. In Hebrew.
  Mamma mia! Il blog Italiano sulla ABBAmania. Marcello, Italy. ABBA and Mamma Mia! blog. In Italian.
  MAMMA MIA! New Zealand tour September-November 2009.
  Mamma Mia! Official movie website Spain, in Spanish.
  MAMMA MIA! (ABBA) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
  MAMMA MIA :: Australia | Facebook

妈妈咪呀!时尚的完美演绎 MAMMA MIA! International Tour in China, in Chinese.


세계를 뒤흔든 바로 그 뮤지컬 MAMMA MIA! Korea, in Korean and English versions.

  劇団四季 作品紹介(ステージガイド) マンマ・ミーア! MAMMA MIA! Japan, in Japanese.
  『マンマ・ミーア!』2009年1月30日(金)、日劇1ほか全国ロードショー Mamma Mia! The Movie official movie website Japan. In Japanese.
  Mamma Mia! Brasil | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! - Dal 3 Ottobre Al Cinema Italy, in Italian.
  MAMMA MIA - Das ABBA-Musical in Hamburg und Stuttgart - Tickets, Eintrittskarten und Infos Germany, in German.
  Mamma Mia!: de Musical Netherlands, in Dutch.
  Mamma Mia! Die offizielle deutsche Filmwebsite Germany, in German.
  Mamma Mia! Die offizielle deutsche Film-Website Switzerland. In German.
  Mamma Mia DVD – Compare Prices on the Mamma Mia DVD
  Mamma Mia! (Easier Version) Quiz On Your home for quizzes on movies, TV, pop culture, celebrity, sports & more!.
  Mamma Mia el Musical Mexican production of the musical based on the songs of ABBA. In Spanish.
  Mamma Mia El Musical México Gustavo, Mexico. "Nonofficial Mamma Mia! Mexican Blog". In Spanish.
  Mamma Mia! El Musical Mexico | Facebook In Spanish.
  Mamma Mia! EN CINES - AGOSTO 2008 Mexico, in Spanish.

MAMMA MIA! En musikal av Benny Andersson och Björn Ulvaeus - Välkommen Sweden, in Swedish.

  MAMMA MIA! | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! Fans | Facebook
  Mamma Mia! Fans Home | Social Networking: Photos, Videos, Blogs | Mamma Mia! Fans Official movie fan site.
  Mamma Mia! FILM V KINECH OD 7. SRPNA 2008 Czech Republic. In Czech.
  MAMMA MIA! How Can I Resist You? The Inside story of MAMMA MIA! and the songs of ABBA. Official website for the new book by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Judy Craymer.
  Mamma Mia - Il Musical - Milano Teatro Nazionale Italian production. In Italian.
  Mamma Mia! international tour - musikal abba mammamia scandinavium globen International tour in Sweden. In Swedish.
  Mamma Mia Island Film location for Mamma Mia! The Movie. In Greek and English.
  MAMMA MIA! København Danmark Danish premiere production of the musical based on the songs of ABBA. In Danish.
  MAMMA MIA! København | Facebook In Danish.
  Mamma Mia! Le musical | Facebook French production. In French.
  MAMMA MIA! LE MUSICAL AVEC LES SUCCES D'ABBA French production. In French.
  Mamma Mia! Le site Officiel - Septembre 2008 France, in French.
  Mamma Mia! Le site Officiel - Septembre 2008 Switzerland. In French.
  Mamma Mia London Fan forum.
  Mamma Mia Lyrics & Video
  MAMMA MIA! (MammaMiaMusical) on Twitter
  『マンマ・ミーア!Mammamia!』 OFFICIAL Site JAPAN(FB version) In Japanese.
  Mamma Mia México Blog. In Spanish.

MAMMA MIA - Musical in Berlin und Essen - Tickets - Karten und Gutscheine Germany, in German.

  MAMMA MIA! Musical (MAMMAMIAoz) on Twitter
  MAMMA MIA! North America | Facebook
  MAMMA MIA! North America | Now on Broadway and Tour | Home
  Mamma Mia! | O Musical Nº1 do Mundo Brazilian production. In Brazilian Portuguese.
Worth a look MAMMA MIA! - Official Worldwide Movie Website - Summer 2008 links to international sites. Updated link.
  Mamma Mia! Officiel film hjemmeside - Sommer 2008 Denmark, in Danish.
  Mamma Mia! - Officiële Site Netherlands, in Dutch.
  Mamma Mia! Официальный российский сайт фильма - Лето 2008 Russia, in Russian.
  Mamma Mia! Offizielle Film Website Österreich Austria, in German. Brazil, in Portuguese.
  MAMMA MIA! on Broadway | 10th Anniversary Sing-Along Contest Official site. 
  Mamma Mia Player Movie soundtrack CD.
  Mamma Mia Posters | Facebook
  MAMMA MIA Quiz - Startseite Competition. In German.
  Mamma Mia Skopelos September 2007 Blog by residents of the Greek island where Mamma Mia! is filming.
  Mamma-Mia South Africa | Facebook
  Mamma Mia ! Stage Entertainment España, Compra Venta Entradas Tickets Spanish tour from August 2009.
  Mamma mia - Links.
  マンマ・ミーア! ザ・ムーヴィー・サウンドトラック  UNIVERSAL MUSIC ABBA and Mamma Mia! releases by Universal Music Japan. In Japanese.
  MAMMA MIA! The Global Smash Hit Australian tour from October 2009.
Highly recommended MAMMA MIA! The Global Smash Hit official worldwide site.
  MAMMA MIA! The Global Smash Hit - Home Page South African tour.
Highly recommended MAMMA MIA! THE MOVIE - An ABBA World mini-site Synopsis, cast, release dates, posters, trailers, websites, soundtrack, songs, news, reviews.
  Mamma Mia The Movie | Facebook
  MAMMA MIA - The Movie fanclub | Facebook
  Mamma mia! the movie - Fan forum. In Dutch.
  MAMMA MIA! THE MOVIE : Name That Lyric Competition.
  Mamma Mia! The Movie Official Site - Summer 2008 Australia.
  Mamma Mia! The Movie Official Site - Summer 2008 Hungary, in Hungarian.
  Mamma Mia! The Movie Official Site - Summer 2008 Poland. In Polish.
  Mamma Mia! The Movie Official Site - Summer 2008 Sweden, in Swedish.
  Mamma Mia! The Movie Official Site - Summer 2008 UK.
  MAMMA MIA! – The Worlds Longest Conga Line
  Mamma Mia Tickets - Mamma Mia Dates, Mamma Mia Performances Broadway, North American Tour and London.
  Mamma Mia! Το επίσημο Site της ταινίας - Καλοκαίρι 2008 Greece. In Greek.
  Mamma Mia Trailer Movie blog.
  Mamma Mia! - UIP Norway In Norwegian.
  Mamma Mia! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Mamma Mania! - "we danced on the beach we kissed on the beach and dot, dot dot." movie fan site. Forums, cast, crew, videos, pictures, news & updates, quotes.
  Mammamiaworldwide - YouTube Officiel page.
Highly recommended MEMORIES Of ABBA IN JAPAN and MAMMA MIA! REPORTS Taheri, Japan. ABBA in Japan 1978 and 1980, reports about various Mamma Mia! productions.
  musical mammamia | Facebook Brazilian production. In Brazilian Portuguese.
  Мюзикл MAMMA MIA! | Главная Russia, in Russian.
  Pop - Coming Soon Tom Hanks' production company, producing the film version of the musical Mamma Mia!
  Rocktober | Mamma Mia
  skiathosbloggen - Livet på en grekisk ö med svenska ögon sett Blog about filming location for Mamma Mia! In Swedish. | BLOG for Mamma Mia Movie & island Blog by residents of the Greek island where Mamma Mia! is filming.
  Songwriters | Mamma Mia | Neuigkeiten News. In German.
  STAGE ENTERTAINMENT - Musicals und Shows - Tickets / Karten und Gutscheine Producers of the German production of MAMMA MIA! In German.
  Welcome to the MAMMA MIA! Fan Club
  YouTube - MammaMiaCopenhagen's Channel Official channel.
  Yahoo! Movies Presents Just the Facts on MAMMA MIA!
  YouTube - mammamiamovie's Channel Official channel.
  YouTube - Mammamiaworldwide's Channel Official channel for Mamma Mia! The Musical.

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