Tributes & covers
  A4u - Die ABBA Revival Show Tribute band from Germany. In German.
  ABBA & CREEDENCE - EM SÃO LUÍS Tribute act from Brazil.
  ABBA 2 Bjorn Belief Tribute band from UK.
  ABBAAGAIN.COM the best ABBA tribute band Canada.
  ABBA All Stars Tribute band from the UK.
  ABBA-ARRIVAL - The Number 1 International ABBA Tribute Band From the UK.
  Abbababes Tribute duo from the UK.
  Abbacadbra All Round Entertainment, Australia, Sydney, NSW, Wedding Entertainment, entertainment for any event Abbacadabra and Abba Girls tribute acts, Australia.
  ABBA-CADABRA : Scotland's Ultimate ABBA Tribute Show
  ABBAcadabra - Tribute band ABBA from Italy. In Italian.
  ABBACAPELLA :: ABBA Revival Show DANCING QUEEN Tribute band from Germany. In German and English.
  Abbachicks - Abba tribute duo based in West Sussex UK.
  ABBA Choir Andante Andante Choir, Australia.
  ABBA Cover ABBA Tribute ABBA Show ABBA Live ABBA 99 from Germany. In German.
  Abba Cover Band Revival Show Tribute Act Absolutely ABBA. From Germany, In German.
  Abba Cover Show Band »WATERLOO - A TRIBUTE TO ABBA« Erleben Sie eine fantastische Abba Coverband, eine Hommage an Abba mit einer musikalischen Zeitreise in die goldenen 70er- Jahre. In German.
  ABBA Cover Songs - The Covers Project List of cover versions of ABBA songs.
  ABBA da capo Revival Band - Die ABBA Coverband From Germany. In German and English version.
  Abba Dayz - The Girls - Abba Girls Tribute Duo From the UK.
  Abbadream Tribute show from Italy.
  ABBA DREAM Tribute band from the UK.
  ABBA Elite is a 4 piece tribute band with live 4 part harmonies, live guitar and keyboards with exceptional backing tracks Tribute band from Spain.
  The ABBA Experience Tribute band from Scotland.
  ABBA EXPLOSION Tribute band from Germany. In German. Tribute band from Hungary. In Hungarian.
  Abbafever - das Original aus Hamburg ! Tribute band from Germany. In English, German and French.
  Abbafever - Encore plus proche d'ABBA ! Tribute band from France.
  ABBAFEVER IN BENIDORM - GET THE FEVER!! Tribute band from Spain.
  Abba Fever Tribute Band Perform their tribute to Abba with live musicians UK.
  ABBA FOR EVER Tribute band from France. In French.
  ABBA Forever Tribute band from the UK.
  ABBAGIRLS Tribute band from the UK.
  ABBA Gold - The Best Abba Tribute Band You'll See From UK.
  Abba Gold - Best Abba Show since ABBA Tribute band from Germany. In French, English and German.
  ABBA GOLD EUROPE, the most popular Abba tribute band in Europe From UK.
  ABBA Gold - Tribute to ABBA From Canada.
  ABBA Gold New Zealand Tribute band from New Zealand.
  Abba Illusion Tribute :: The Ultimate Tribute To Sweden's Pop Sensation :: Abba Tribute Band :: Abba Tribute Show
  Abba Inferno Top UK Abba Tribute Band
  ABBAKadabra - Die Revival Band Tribute band from Germany. In German.
  ABBALANCHE,The Australian ABBA Show Tribute band.
  ABBAlicious tribute CD from FigJam Entertainment
  ABBALIVE Tribute band from Australia.
  ABBA Magic Tribute band from the UK.
  ABBA MANIA Tribute act from UK touring Australia.
  ABBA-mania Tribute band from Canada, managed by Bounty Enterprises.
  Abba Mania Tribute band from the UK. In English, German and French versions.
  ABBA MANIA ITA -OFFICIAL PAGE- Tribute band from Italy. In Italian and English.
  abbamania sprachwahl Tribute band from Germany. In English and German.
  Abbamania - The Official West End Show Tribute act from UK.
  ABBAMANIA - The Ultimate ABBA Tribute Show From UK.
  Abbamannia Web - Bienvenidos Tribute group from Argentina. In Spanish.
  Abba Queens - The ultimate Abba Tribute Duo from the UK.
  Abbaration Tribute band from Australia.
  Abbaration -The Abba Tribute Show - Top UK Tribute Band Performing Pure Abba Gold
  ABBA-Review Tribute band from Germany. In German and English versions.
  ABBA revival (Pop Stars) Tribute band from Czech Republic. In Czech.
  ABBA Revival Show Cover Tribute Band Germany.
  ABBA Salute Tribute band from USA.
  ABBA’S ANGELS – one of UK’s premier ABBA Tribute Bands
  ABBA's BACK - ABBA tribute concert show Australia.
  ABBA Sensation - Home - The most authentic ABBA tribute in the UK.
  Abbasession – A Tribute to Abba: Abbasession- Australian Abba Show Band or Duo
  ABBA SEVEN - Die ABBA Coverband from Germany. In German.
  ABBA SHOW Tribute band from Hungary. In Hungarian and English versions.
  ABBA SHOW * ABBA Revival * ABBA Cover * Abalance 2000 a tribute to ABBA Germany. In German.
  AbbaShow - The Italian Abba Tribute Band In Italian. aka Arrival tribute band from Sweden.
  ABBAsolutely Fabbaulous Tribute band from Australia.
  ABBAsolutely Live Tribute group from UK.
  ABBA Stars Tribute band from Czech Republic. In Czech, English and German versions.
  THE ABBA STORY featuring Arrival from Sweden, touring Belgium May 2009.
  ABBA - The Show The Music of ABBA with Arrival. Tribute show from Sweden.
  ABBA - The Show - Spirit of the Dance Productions Tribute act from UK.
  *** ABBA THE SHOW *** WELCOME *** Tribute band Waterloo from Sweden, touring the world.
  ABBATOIR on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Cover band from UK.
  ABBA - The Tour - Booking - WLA - Talent Agency & Corporate Entertainment Booking Agents US tour by tribute act Waterloo, 2008.
  Abba Tribute From Netherlands.
  Abba Tribute - Abba Christmas - Abba Tribute Band - ABBA Party UK.
  ABBA Tribute Band - ABBAnd From Italy. In Italian
  ABBA Tribute Band • ABBA REVIVAL  are without a doubt the best ABBA tribute band to emerge from the UK_ABBA Tribute Band • ABBA REVIVAL  are without a doubt the best ABBA tribute band to emerge from the UK
  abba tribute band | abba tribute group | abba tribute show | abba tribute concert ABBA Now from the UK.
  ABBA Tribute Band - Arrival - The worlds greatest ABBA show From Sweden.
  Abba Tribute Band available in UK Scotland & Wales.
  Abba Tribute Band or Duo AbbaDaze From UK.
  ABBA TRIBUTE BAND - Platinum ABBA - Premier International Tribute Act.
  abbatributebands : Abba Tribute Bands Yahoo! Group.
  ABBA Tribute Bands Bashing Site
  Abba Tribute Bands Canada- Arrival- Vancouver, BC
  ABBA Tribute Bands - EntsWeb Directory From UK.
  Abba Tribute Bands Index.
  ABBA Tribute Band - UK - Swede Dreamz.
  Abba Tribute Band Vancouver BC - ABBA Cadabra
  ABBA Tribute Bands Worldwide Kathryn Courtney, UK.
  Abba Tribute Bands Worldwide on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos.
  Abba Tribute Show ---- Top Class Abba Tribute Band - International Abba Dabba Doo from the UK.
  ABBA UK Top International Abba Tribute Band - Official Site.
  ABBA Varia : The ABBA Coverversions List of covers of ABBA songs.
  ABBA.....Voulez Vous the ultimate ABBA experience Fan club for tribute band from the UK. Biography, photo gallery, concert dates.
  ABBA World Revival - Živá koncertní show plná oldies písní skupiny ABBA |:::.. Tribute band Czech Republic. In Czech, English and German.
  Absolutely ABBA Tribute band from Germany. In German, French and English.
  A Cotton Club Singers hivatalos weboldala - Fejlesztő Menrich International Hungarian jazz group have recorded an ABBA tribute ABBA Jazz. In Hungarian. Tribute band from USA.
  Affordaband - Abba Dream Live Band, Clips and Bio Tribute band from UK.
  Airwaves on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Swedish group recorded ABBA tribute song 'Hey You Ring Me Tonight'.
Worth a look all ABBA - A Complete and Useful Resource about ABBA "The first Arabic website for ABBA". Biography, lyrics, other artists who sang ABBA songs, downloadable ringtones and themes. In English and Arabic versions.
  Almighty | Info | Abbacadabra (We Love ABBA) Cover band from the UK. Tribute band from Finland. In English and Finnish versions.
  A-TEENS.COM - Official home and community Official web site for this former ABBA cover band from Sweden, originally named ABBA Teens.
  A*teens vs. abba Comparison between the cover band and the original.
  BABBA, An Abba Tribute Band From Australia.
  Barry Walker's SMACKEE Cover band from the UK who perform an ABBA tribute show.
  The Bjorn Identity - Abba Tribute Ireland
  Bjorn to Rock - UK's Top ABBA Tribute Band
  Björn Again - Perform the greatest hits of ABBA (whilst wearing white satin pyjamas) Tribute band in UK, Europe and North America.
  Björn Insane Fan tribute page to tribute band Björn Again.
  Bootleg Abba - Bootleg ABBA "The Ultimate ABBA Tribute". From the UK.
  Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Performed the concert ExtrABBAganza.
  Clubcorp Entertainment Promoters of Australian tribute band Abbacadabra. | website Performs a cover version of Take A Chance On Me.
  The Concert | ABBA THE CONCERT a Tribute to ABBA.
  Continental Entertainment - Tribute to Abba ABBAMANIA from Canada.
  Covery ABBA, najwieksze przeboje ABBA, polska ABBA, najlepsza imitacja ABBA, ABBA koncert, ABBA Show Tribute band from Poland. In Polish and English versions.
  DANCING ABBA - A Tribute To Abba Tribute band from Switzerland. In German.
  Dancing Queen The Show - The U.K.'s No.1 ABBA Tribute Show
  Dancing Queen by Wing Cover album by Hong Kong born New Zealand singer Wing.
  Dansatak - Categories - Styles Listings for several ABBA tribute acts in the UK.
  FABBA - #1 Abba Tribute band From UK.
Dud site FABBA BAND UK Tribute act from UK.
  The Fabbagirls - the best Abba tribute band in the world From UK.
  Fabba - The Ultimate themed ABBA Tribute! From Australia.
  Fernando Rising "Belgium’s one and only ABBA Tribute Band"
  GABBA - The Discopunk Sensation Cover band from the UK. "Inspired by the raw energy of New York punk music (Ramones) and the pretty melodies and harmonies of Scandinavian pop (Abba), GABBA specialise in pure pop."
  Generation ABBA | Le Meilleur d'ABBA depuis ABBA ! Tribute act from France. In French and English.
  Gimme Gimme Abba Official Website Tribute band from UK.
  Gimme Gimme Events Tribute act from UK.
  JOIN THE ABBA REVOLUTION WORLDWIDE Tribute bands in UK from Artistes, Personalities, Acts, Entertainers and Theatre Tours - Personality Artistes Ltd.
  The Losers Lounge New York cabaret show, performed ABBA tribute.
  The most authentic ABBA Tribute Band in the UK - ABBA Sensation - Homepage
  Mama Mia Tribute band from Australia.
  Musical page Monaco. Management of tribute band Spectacle ABBA ABBA Show.
  THE MUSIC OF ABBA - Greatest ABBA show ever! Direct from Sweden
  A Night With Kylie - The Ultimate Kylie Minogue Concept Show ABBA Girls tribute show from Australia.
  The Official Smackee Site "The Official Site for the UK's premier showgroup, Barry Walker's award-winning Smackee - who perform both an ABBA tribute and a Musicals show!"
  The Original Abba Revival Band Tribute band from Denmark. In Danish, with some information in English and German.
  Profiles of Abba in your area Directory of UK tribute acts.
  Rajaton - Etusivu Finnish a capella group released the tribute CD Rajaton Sings ABBA 2006. In Finnish.
  ReadyWeb: Stars in Concert: Tribute band from Germany.In German.
  THE REAL ABBA tribute - Homepage From Austria.
  San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Recorded 1997 tribute CD ExtrABBAganza!
  Singalonga Abba - Live Abba Show! Great for hen nights, birthdays and more Tribute concert from the UK, touring the world.
  Summer Nights City ABBA Tribute Show from the UK.
  SUPER TROUPER ABBA-SHOW I VÄRLDSKLASS! Tribute band from Sweden. In Swedish.
  Super Trouper on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos Tribute band from Italy.
  The Sound Foundation -Bands and DJ's - ABBA Gold Tribute band from UK.
  Swede Dreamz ABBA Tribute - Top ABBA Tribute Band - Official Site | Home.
  Sweden4Ever, ABBA A LIFE, ABBA Tribute Coverband From Germany. In German. Formerly ABBA A LIFE.
  Swedish-Dynamite ABBA Again tribute band from Germany. In German.
  Tectonic Band from Australia featuring two former members of tribute band Björn Again.
  Thank you for the music - A tribute to ABBA Tribute band from Germany. From VC Voice Concert. In German.
  Thank You For The Music - The Ultimate Abba Magic & Bee Gees Magic Concert Show UK.
  A Tribute To Abba Planned 2005 television event from European Broadcasting Union.
  THE ULTIMATE ABBA EXPERIENCE Björn Again tribute band in Australia.
  The Visitors - en højtflyvende jubilæumskoncert | Facebook Tribute for the 30th anniversary of ABBA's final studio album in Denmark. In Danish. 
  The Visitors - En højtflyvende jubilæums totalkoncert med musik af ABBA Tribute for the 30th anniversary of ABBA's final studio album in Denmark. In Danish. 
  Waterloo - The Abba Show from Australia.
  Waterloo - the band Tribute band from Sweden.
  Welcome to ABBASESSION Tribute duo from Australia.
  Welcome to itentertainment and tributesabroad worldwide entertainment Represents several ABBA tribute bands from the UK.
  Welcome to theKidstars sing the songs of ABBA. From UK.
  Welcome Vegas Entertainments \ G.S. Management - Management for several ABBA tribute acts in the UK.
  Willkommen bei den Dancing Queens Tribute band from Germany. In German. Tribute band from Finland. In Finnish, English and Swedish.

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