Unofficial merchandise

Please note: These sites describe or may have available unofficial ABBA merchandise. This list is provided for information only and is not necessarily an endorsement of unofficial releases.

  ABBA Collection and unofficial merchandise for sale.
  ABBA BOOTLEGS AND CONCERTS Betsabba, Spain. Fan CDs with unreleased material.
Highly recommended ABBA Fanatic Roxanne, Australia. "ABBA Galleries, My Collection, Items For Sale, Videos, and more to come !"
  ABBAMANIA Rob, UK. Biographies, discography, bootlegs, history, photo gallery, rarities.
  ABBA MUSIC AND VIDEO FILES Betsabba, Spain. Blog. Fan DVDs with unreleased material.
Essential site ABBA Plaza - the ultimate ABBA site Robert, Netherlands. Rare items, downloads, collection, encounters, galleries, quizzes and polls, news. In English and Dutch versions.
surf to ABBA Plaza
  ABBA RARE Blog of ABBA rarities.
Worth a look ABBA - UNIQUEABBA Diego, UK. Blog offering unofficial merchandise.
  BrianPOP's Site Featuring unofficial ABBA remixes.
  Brickomania - ABBA Personal collection of unofficial remixes.
Worth a look A FUNNYGUY'S ODE TO ABBA Michael T (Funnyguy) in the USA. bootlegs, lyrics, Agnetha's and Frida's solo careers, ABBA today, links, Chess, Kristina på North America, ABBA Day 96, Ring Ring or Wrong Wrong?
  gEnE's FotoPage Unoffiical fan CDs.
  Rare CDs Store USA.
Note: this store sells pirated copies of commercially available material. ABBA Omnibus does not endorse this site, but only provides the link for information. ABBA Omnibus encourages the purchase of officially released product at all times.
  RARE DVD & VHS : DVD & VHS you can't find in stores unofficial ABBA videos available.
Highly recommended ThorSven ABBA Pages Erik, Spain. Discographies, "datABBAse" of songs, new releases, unofficial DVDs available. In Spanish, French and English.
ThorSven ABBA Pages

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