To help you in your search of ABBA on the internet, many sites have been graded with the following rankings:

Essential site

Essential sites (platinum record) are those that are considered in the ABBA fan community of being the most informative and interesting sites on the web.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended sites (gold record) are those that are also interesting and of great value to the ABBA internet community.

Worth a look

Worth a look sites (silver record), while not necessarily of the standard of the essential or recommended sites, are also recommended as worth visiting for the variety of information held.

Dud site

Dud sites (black record) are not worth the time to visit. Often some sort of fan tribute that just says "I love ABBA and have ABBA Gold" but has no intrinsic value. Hopefully these site owners will improve their sites to amend their rating.

Unranked sites may also contain a wealth of information, and are also worthy of a visit. Check the description of the site for the kind of information contained. The ranked sites are only the cream of the crop, and unranked sites shouldn't be ignored.

All Essential and Highly recommended sites are also listed on the Essential sites page. If there are any other sites listed that you consider may be essential or should be recommended, please e-mail.

Would you like to let the world know that your site has been selected as an "Essential" or "Highly recommended" site on ABBA World? Now you can, with these handy banners. Please copy and paste the appropriate image into your site, adding a link to the URL http://www.abbaomnibus.net.

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