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after ABBA

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BJÖRN ULVAEUS was a member of the folk music group the Hootenanny Singers, who scored many hits between 1963 and 1974,. One of their biggest was "Omkring tiggarn fån Louisa", which spent 52 weeks on the Svenstoppenradio chart. BENNY ANDERSSON played the organ in the Hep Stars, Sweden's biggest pop band., 1964-1969. He also wrote his first hits for the band: "No Response" and "Sunny Girl". ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD made a large number of solo recordings between 1967 and 1975. He breakthrough was "En ledig dag", which she sang on television after winnning a talent contest. AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG hit the big time in 1968 wiht "Jag var så kär", a song she had written herself. Agnetha's solo career continued until 1975. BJÖRN ULVAEUS & BENNY ANDERSSON wrote their first song together, "Isn't It Easy To Say", in 1966; it was recorded by the Hep Stars. Between 1969 and 1972 they recorded as a duo. "Hej gamle man!" was a hit and is the first recording to feature all four ABBA members.

EVEN THOUGH THE ABBA story ended in 1982, the four members didn't take a break from music making. This is proved by the tracks on this unique double-CD, which collects, for the first time, the highlights from the period After ABBA. Even before ABAB went their separate ways, Frida recorded her first international solo album - we all remember the PHil Collins-produced hit single "I Know There's Something Going On" - and in 1983 Agnetha had a major succes with "The Heat Is On" from her first English-language solo album, produced by Mike Chapman. Since then, Frida and Agnetha have enjoyed several exciting collaborations both in Sweden and abroad. Björn and Benny entered the world of musicals and immediately found success with Chess, followed by the hit shows Kristina frå Duvemåla, Mamma Mia! and Hjälp s¡kes. They also produced albums for the Gemini duo and for Josefin Nilsson, and since 2001 they've collaborated on several tunes for Benny Anderssons Orkester. In addition, Benny has written music for films by directors Roy Andersson and Marie-Louise Ekman and for a documentary about Swedish prime minister Olaf Palme. ABBA may not be around anymore, but the love for music lives on within Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida. Some music never does. It multiplies.


1. Omkrig tiggarn från Luossa

2. Början till slutet

3. Kvinnan i mitt liv


4. Wedding

5. Sunny Girl

6. No Response


7. En ledig dag

8. Du är så underbart rar

9. Härlig är vär jord


10. Jag var så kär

11. Många gånger än

12. Fram för svenska sommaren


13. Hej gamle man

14. Lycka

15. Att finnas till 



1. I Should've Followed You Home (duet with Gary Barlow)

2. Wrap Your Arms Around Me

3. The Heat Is On

4. The Way You Are (Duet with Ola Håkansson)

5. If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind

6. When You Really Loved Someone

7. Sometimes When I'm Dreaming

8. Let It Shine


9. I Know There's Something Going On

10. Så länge vi har varann (with Ratata)

11. Shine

12. You Know What I Mean

13. Även en blomma

14. The Sun Will Shine Again

15. Morning Has Broken

16. Andante, Andante (duet with Arturo Sandoval)


17. Mio Min Mio


18. Lassie



1. Anthem/Tommy Körberg

2. Chess

3. One Night In Bangkok/Murray Head

4. I Know Him So Well/Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson


5. Prolog

6. Duvemåla Hage/Helen Sjöholm

7. Du måste finnas/Helen Sjöholm

8. Guldet blev till sand/Peter Jöback


9. Fait Accompli/Tommy Körberg

10. Du är min man/Helen Sjöholm

11. Story Of A Heart/Helen Sjöholm

12. Sång från andra våningen


13. Den jag ville vara/Sofia Pekkari


14. Skallgång

15. Flickornas rum

16. The Day Before You Came

17. Födelsedagsvals till Mona


18. Vilar glad. I din famn

19. Kärlekens tid

Released June 2013. 

Released 5 May 2018.

Available exclusivley at ABBA THE MUSEUM

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