ABBA A Lyrical Collection 1972 - 1982
ABBA For The Record
by John Tobler, 1980
ABBA Gold - The Complete Story by John Tobler,1993
Abba In Their Own Words
by Rosemary York, 1983
ABBA Take A Chance On Me Songbook
ABBA: The Book
by Jean-Marie Potiez, 2000
ABBA The Complete Recording Sessions
by Carl Magnus Palm, 1994
ABBA Människorna och musiken by Carl Magnus Palm, 1996
Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Real Story of ABBA by Carl Magnus Palm, 2001/2008/2014
Från ABBA till Mamma Mia!
/From ABBA To Mamma Mia! by Anders Hanser and Carl Magnus Palm, 1999/2000
The Great Songs Of ABBA
Thank You For The Music
4 CD box set notes by Carl Magnus Palm and Michael B. Tretow, 1994/2008
Polar Music/Polar Music International press releases, as reprinted in the Australian ABBA Fan Club newsletters, 1976 - 1983
Record Collector magazine

Personal collection

Thanks to the owners of these websites for their kind permission for material used (some sites are now defunct):

abba4ever forum
ABBA Annual
ABBA Features
abba for the record
ABBA Heaven
The ABBA Internet Database
ABBA Links At The Milarus Mansion
ABBA - links links links
ABBA Live 1974
The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia
ABBA Plaza
ABBA - The Face Book
A.B.B.A: The Music Goes On And On And On
ABBA - The Releases
ABBA The Singles
ABBA - The Singles
ABBA - The Site
ABBA - The Website
ABBA - The Worldwide Chart List
ABBA Worldwide collection
ABBF On TV - Now
All About ABBA/Allt om ABBA
Carl Magnus
Elmari ABBA lehekülg
Gemini - The Page
Ginza Musik
Gracias Por La Música!
Hep Stars Hemsida
International ABBA Magazine - Intermezzo
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Just Like That - The Page
Lovelight - The ABBA Lyrics Page
The Official International Agnetha Benny Björn Frida Fan Club
The Official Swiss Charts and Music Community
Oriental ABBAland
Private ABBA Photos
ThorSven ABBA Pages
Tribute to Björn Ulvaeus Homepage
Twist In The Dark
The Ultimate Spanish ABBA Page

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