Welcome to ABBA World, version 2. Your launching pad to ABBA on the internet. Updated, renovated and revamped for 2004.

All the familiar features are still here, bigger and better than before.

bullet The Songs section has been updated, with more information plus many more rare and unusual record sleeves from around the world.
bullet The Discs section has been updated to cover all the latest releases, plus the basic Polar discography of singles has been added.
bullet The Facts section remains essentially the same, though a short ABBA biography has been added.
bullet The Links section of course remains. All links have been checked and updated in February 2004 (which saw the number of links drop from 657 to 537).
bullet The Muse section remains virtually unchanged, though in coming months more musings will be added.
bullet The When, News and Site sections also remain. News now contains some of the latest news headlines, as well as links to sites with all the ABBA news. Site has been expanded to cover all aspect about the site itself.

A number of new features have been added, expanding ABBA World to cover even more of ABBA's colourful history.

bullet The Stage section covers ABBA's concert tours, television specials, film appearances and video releases.
bullet The Years section currently features a small gallery of ABBA photos from over the years. Soon to come is a chronology of ABBA's history.
bullet The Buy section details some recommended sources of ABBA merchandise, plus a list of many well-known on-line stores from many countries. These were previously listed in the Links section.
bullet A number of other new features are still under development, and will be added in coming months.

The navigation structure has been revamped, making it quicker and easier to get to any page within ABBA World.  Major sections have a menu bar to the left, with pages appearing in the right panel. Click the links in the toolbar above to access the different sections.

If you'd like to link ABBA World to your site, feel free to use one of the four new banners - see here for details. If your ABBA site is one of ABBA World's Essential or Highly recommended sites, see the Link rankings page for more information.

ABBA World, version 2 is a work in progress. If you find anything that's not working properly, please let me know.

Thank you for visiting ABBA World. Enjoy your tour!

Ian Cole / Sydney Australia / 29 February 2004

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