How to use this section

Songs are listed by both date of first recording or performance and by title.

Each song (and alternate version of a song) has its own page.

Each individual song page lists the following information (when known):

Song title (running time)  (with link to lyrics if applicable)

(song writer[s])

Alternate titles.

Additional information (e.g. language of recording).

Lead vocalist.

Date of first recording session or performance.


Working title/earlier version (with link).

Later edits and/or remixes (with link).

Later rerecordings (for example in other languages) (with link).

First release format and date (with link if album release).

Alternate release format and date (with link if album release).

Current availability (with links).

A selection of single, LP, CD, or video sleeves that the song has appeared on are displayed for all released recordings.

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