First known recording or performance date
(?) indicates date not known or unconfirmed.
(NR) indicates song not recorded.
Song title
(?) indicates song title unconfirmed.
(Name) in brackets indicates artist if not credited as ABBA (or Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida)

Early 2017 The Day Before You Came (Benny Andersson)
Early 2017 Happy New Year (Benny Andersson)
Early 2017 I Let The Music Speak (Benny Andersson)
Early 2017 I Wonder (Departure) (Benny Andersson)
Early 2017 My Love, My Life (Benny Andersson)
Early 2017 Thank You For The Music (Benny Andersson)
27 September 2017 The Winner Takes It All (Benny Andersson)
28 September 2017 Money, Money, Money (Benny Andersson)

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