Songs featuring sample from ABBA records

The following songs feature samples from ABBA recordings. Songs marked * samples were not authorised by ABBA. Songs marked ^ use the melody but not the ABBA recording:

The Queen And I · The JAMs (1987) * all copies ordered destroyed

Bring Me Edelweiss · Edelweiss (1988) ^ authorised by Stig Anderson

Rumble In The Jungle · The Fugees (1996)

Rise Of Tonight · Blend (1997) * uncredited

Fly With Me · 98° (1998) ^ authorised by Warner Music USA

Hung Up · Madonna (2005)

Go! · Leonard T feat Maia Lee (2007) * ^ uncredited

Summer Night City · Roma Kenga (2009) * claims to be authorised, not verified

Merry Go Round · Royce de 5'9" (2010-2011) * replaced by a different song on the iTunes version of the album

Give Me Pop · P. Diamond, Jay B. Digital & ABBA (2011) * withdrawn from sale within days of release on iTunes

Coupé In C Minor · Philip Glass, Melissa Auf der Maur, ABBA and musicians from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, DR Congo, Ghana, India and UK (2015)

Soldiers 2015 · ABBA and musicians from Australia, Colombia, Cyprus, France, UK and Venezuala (2015) 

Voulez-Who? · Mark Knight (2016) * uncredited

Do You Want · Charles J (2016) * uncredited

Money, Money, Money · The Get Down (2016) * uncredited

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