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This section contains a complete list of all known ABBA songs, including working titles, songs performed in concert and released and unreleased recordings. Also listed are several apocryphal titles that have achieved legendary (and mythical) status among fan circles, with an explanation behind these titles.

All songs released on ABBA records, CDs and videos are listed, including alternate mixes and edits, several pre- and post-ABBA songs by Björn, Benny, Agnetha and/or Frida that have been included on later ABBA compilations, and songs by other artists that have been included on ABBA releases. Not included are live versions of songs, unless the song is unrecorded and unreleased or the live version is significantly different to the released version.

Also included are songs that were either originally recorded by other artists prior to ABBA's version, or songs that were rejected by ABBA and later recorded by other artists. Lead singer of a song is listed where known.

You can track the development of each song from first working titles through to released titles and later alternate versions.

Running times for studio recordings are the longest known time available on CD or record. Instances where a song is shorter by only a few seconds due to early fade out (usually less than 10 seconds) are not listed as separate versions, though versions that fade out significantly early in the song are listed as "shortened versions". Any running times given for live performances and some unreleased songs are approximate only based on known recordings (usually bootlegs), as song length could vary between performances.

Titles are listed by first known recording or performance date and by song title. Song title listings are alphabetical, excluding articles (that is, 'the', 'a', 'an', 'la' etc, so for example 'The Winner Takes It All' is listed under 'W'), and following Swedish convention, the letters 'Å', 'Ä' and 'Ö' come at the end of the alphabet.

Each released song is accompanied by its original Polar album and single sleeves with release dates where known (in Sweden and/or other Scandinavian countries), plus a selection of other compilation albums that songs were featured on. Also shown are some variations of record sleeves from around the world. Only first releases and current availability of songs are listed in the text.

Lyrics for both released and unreleased songs are included where known, and can be found through each song's individual page.

See How to use this section for further information.

Availability of all recordings is at 30 June 2011.
Song availability does not include where a song is included in a documentary DVD unless the song is exclusively available there.

ABBA at Polar Music Studios, December 1978

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