Fernando (4.16)

(Benny Andersson/Stig Anderson/Björn Ulvaeus)

Swedish version.

Lead vocal: Frida.

Benny Andersson: Keyboards
Ola Brunkert: Drums
Rutger Gunnarsson: Bass
Jan Kling: Flute
Roger Palm: Drums
Björn Ulvaeus: Guitars
Lasse Wellander: Guitars

Previously an earlier version.

Later recorded by ABBA in English.

Recording commenced 3 September 1975.

First released by Frida on the LP Frida ensam 10 November 1975.

Also released by Frida as a single in 1975.

Currently available on the CDs Frida ensam, Svenska popfavoriter - Frida, Arrival Deluxe Edition, Text: Stikkan Anderson (various artists).

Frida ensam LP 1975

Fernando single Norway 1975

Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Annifrid - På Svenska CD Sweden 1994

Svenska popfavoriter CD Sweden 1998

Svenska popfavoriter CD Sweden 2000

Frida ensam CD 2005

Arrival Deluxe Edition CD/DVD 2006

Text: Stikkan Anderson 2CD 2007

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