Gammal fäbodspalm (1.40)

(Oskar Fredrik Lindberg)


Performed live on concert tour of North America & Europe 13 September - 15 November 1979, Japan 12 - 27 March 1980.

Broadcast in part on the television special ABBA In Concert 1980.

First released in part on the laserdisc ABBA In Concert. First released in full on the CD Live At Wembley Arena 29 September 2014.

Currently available on the CD Live At Wembley Arena and the DVD ABBA In Concert.

ABBA Souvenir Programme North American & European Tour 1979

ABBA In Concert LD

ABBA Live In Concert VHS 1993

ABBA In Concert DVD 2004

ABBA Live At Wembley Arena 2 CD/3LP

ABBA / The Collection iTunes box set 2014

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